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Deviants in a sentence

1. It tells us who our deviants and our criminals are.
2. Neither can its directives be attributed to deviants hijacking Islam.
3. No one had ever told her there were deviants who’d do this to a girl.
4. In a century it would be haunted by deviants, a century later, scrounges.
5. The Bayside Sex Deviants are going to work the shit out of the Battle of the Bands.
6. Even Mom’s happy, but I’d never tell her too much about the Bayside Sex Deviants.
7. But if you want to look at it as a club for deviants, well, that was my area of expertise in sociology.

8. Though living on either side of the caste divide, the gathering ironically got united to uphold the separation of the deviants.
9. Scholarship sweepstakes could potentially be used in phishing scams, in which Internet deviants extract personal information from unsuspecting patrons.
10. Among the explanations they offer are the preference for conformity (which has high survival value for an individual who wishes to maintain strong social bonds), as well as the fact that a strong group can enforce sanctions on deviants.

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