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Electrum in a sentence

1. You can use the Electrum offline transaction-signing feature, provided you have two computers.
2. Recall that in Chapter 2, Electrum prompted you to write down a 12-word mnemonic for backup purposes.
3. One computer has a personal hot wallet that works just like Electrum, but the private keys are omitted.
4. Like the Electrum wallet discussed in Chapter 2, a personal hot wallet is a software program that runs on a device you own.
5. In Chapter 2 we recommended using the Bitcoin wallet program Electrum, which is free and open source, runs on most devices, and is ideal for beginners.
6. You’ll need the private key when you want to move your bitcoins, and at that point you can re-create it from your memorized passphrase (and import it into a Bitcoin wallet, like Electrum, or use it for offline transaction signing).
7. The towns then, and the tributary dynasties, and, under some circumstances, the satraps enjoyed the right to coin money but only in electrum, silver and bronze; the great King reserved the exclusive right to issue coins in gold; and this principle became universally acknowledged, so that gold effectually became the unique standard of the Persian empire.

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