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Ellis in a sentence

1. Judge Ellis cut him off.
2. Ellis took a seat in the.
3. Guilty Wives (with David Ellis).
4. Ellis bit his lip then proceeded.
5. A History of Surgery, Harold Ellis.
6. Judge Ellis frowned and shook his head.
7. Yeah, Ellis said, still trembling.

8. Ellis countered with a shake of his head.
9. Ellis sighed and leaned back in his chair.
10. This letter to Bill Ellis will not take.
11. Ellis inhaled deeply then exhaled sharply.
12. How about this one — Skye Ellis?
13. The Ellis family became involved with the.
14. Judge Ellis struggled to maintain his cool.
15. Judge Ellis confirmed all of his suspicions.
16. Bill Ellis, Convention Manager for the church.
17. FNB of Perryton in the 1920s when Carl Ellis.
18. At least you were cheap about it, Judge Ellis.
19. I see, Ellis continued, interrupting her.
20. This is to inform you that Bill Ellis has not.
21. In one graceful move, Ellis turned to face her.
22. Banks and Ellis, the deck is stacked against us.
23. HAVELOCK ELLIS, The Soul of Spain, Boston, 1909.
24. Ellis was silent a moment as he studied her face.
25. The Honorable Judge Ellis was most willing to.
26. Then, Max remembered he had confronted Bill Ellis.
27. Banks, at the order of Judge Ellis, had let those.
28. How can you be so sure of that? Ellis pressed.
29. A more dated event was what historian Ellis called.
30. Ellis? said a wide-awake male voice at the other.
31. Bill Ellis approached the area where Max and Jill were.
32. Even though Banks enforced the law, Ellis was a higher.
33. Ellis, Detective Ridgeway said as he turned to face.
34. She had spoken to Bill and Terri Ellis about her situation.
35. Get hold of Bill Ellis immediately, Hap ordered as he.
36. There was to be no inspection of immigrants at Ellis Island.
37. President and Terri Ellis has arranged all but the first one.
38. Terri Ellis unlocked the door to the hotel room with the big.
39. The Pandit Sports Goods Suppliers was located in Ellis Bridge.
40. Ross, where are you? Bill Ellis said into his hand-held.
41. This is the necessary legal document from Judge Ellis showing.
42. Ellis, Three Ways to Succeed as an Investor, in Charles D.
43. This is Ellis, he said softly as he switched on the brass.
44. The door opened, and Judge Ellis attempted to quietly enter the.
45. Ellis sat motionless in his chair; his eyes were fixated on Mary.
46. How’s Houston? Judge Ellis asked as he motioned for Mary.
47. Ellis dropped the revolver into the mud and ran his hand through.
48. All the rest of the reds that went too - Komora, Ellis, Hongston.
49. Ellis contemplated for a moment then looked annoyed as he shifted.
50. Albert Ellis has suggested three core beliefs or philosophies that.
51. This Thing Called Grief: New Understandings of Loss by Thomas Ellis.
52. Judge Ellis saw where the story was going and shifted uncomfortably.
53. Judge Ellis stood motionless, hands behind his back and legs spread.
54. He now owned the judge, and Ellis was caught in a snare that would.
55. Mary Catherine sighed as she rose from the chair and eyed Ellis with.
56. Ellis avoided eye contact with her for a moment, looking to the floor.
57. You still think he has something on Ellis? Barron asked curiously.
58. The Arkin property, huh? Is that so? Ellis said through clenched.
59. Ellis, standing in the shadow of his office window, stared somberly at.
60. Judge Ellis sat in his comfortable, yet imposing chambers, reading the.
61. You’re the only one questioning his guilt, Ellis retorted with.
62. Ellis would do something so provocative, especially at such a late hour.
63. Second, Ellis continued, as if he were lecturing, the law does.
64. Ellis had friends on the City Council, and one word to them could cause.
65. But why would Ellis demand the release of those men in the first place?
66. Judge Ellis facilitated the transaction before Arkin was cold in the.
67. And Ellis facilitated the release of Van Thorn’s men too? Barron.
68. Judge Ellis had given him a direct order to release those prisoners, and.
69. Is that so? Breckenridge said slyly, turning his attention to Ellis.
70. Ellis interlocked his fingers and tilted his head forward, as if to give.
71. But Hongston and Ellis and Rampone and the rest of them had nothing to say.
72. If you can prove that the man was wrongly hanged, Ellis said, you.
73. And has this type of evidence been used in court before? Ellis asked.
74. And if the Madrepora retepora of Solander and Ellis, is a true Porites, as M.
75. Ellis (2010), The Elements of Investing, Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
76. Your father still trying to salve a guilty conscience, Ellis asked, or is.
77. Checking the passenger lists of those arriving at Ellis Island may not give me any more information.
78. Constitution and the American judicial system! As long as she had known him, Ellis had always been a.
79. Ellis described him as a “charter member of the band of brothers” who became the “conscience” of the.
80. SSSL turned down the Maniatis offer as too vague, despite Blunt, Ellis & Loewi's letter that they could finance it.
81. Frank’s girl friend, Judy Ball, was a 2L, and her hot sister, Kathy, a School of Social Services student across Ellis Ave.
82. As the investment consultant Charles Ellis puts it, If you’re not prepared to stay married, you shouldn’t get married.
83. At some point during this beer or the next, Cicciaro would explain how his grandfather had come through Ellis Island in 1907 or ’08.
84. The Manifest of Aliens posted at Ellis Island of those aboard the White Star liner, the RMS Homeric, included the octet of bandsmen.
85. Ellis, a man whom everyone presumed to have high ethical standards, to break normal protocol? One thought crossed her mind and caused her to.
86. Large numbers of Chinese and Japanese arrived in San Francisco and other Californian ports, where their reception was much the same as on Ellis Island.
87. Abby Ellis should be commended for her accurate recollections of all the bars in Athens (though I was concerned by her less-than-accurate recollections of the campus).
88. Money manager, writer, and financial elder statesman Charles Ellis observed three decades ago with growing alarm the first data demonstrating a lack of money manager skill.
89. So I went back to the area of my 3L house to the big apartment that some women friends (the Ball sisters, Kathy from School of Social Service across Ellis Avenue from Law School and Judy JD ‘67) still occupied.
90. The charity that runs the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island is being asked by Congress to explain some of its expenses, including high salaries for its executives and $45,000 a year for a dog that chases away geese.
91. DAVID ELLIS is a justice of the Illinois Appellate Court and the author of nine novels, including Line of Vision, for which he won the Edgar Allan Poe Award, and The Hidden Man, which earned him a 2009 Los Angeles Times Book Prize nomination.
92. It will be much the best place for her, so near Miss Lee, and not far from the girls, and close by the housemaids, who could either of them help to dress her, you know, and take care of her clothes, for I suppose you would not think it fair to expect Ellis to wait on her as well as the others.
93. Donald Smith Ellis, chairman of the Board,.
94. Ellis, I’m awfully sorry to call you at this late hour,.

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