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Ellis in a sentence

Judge Ellis cut him off.
Ellis took a seat in the.
Guilty Wives (with David Ellis).
Ellis bit his lip then proceeded.
A History of Surgery, Harold Ellis.
Judge Ellis frowned and shook his head.
Yeah, Ellis said, still trembling.

Ellis countered with a shake of his head.
Ellis sighed and leaned back in his chair.
Ellis inhaled deeply then exhaled sharply.
This letter to Bill Ellis will not take.
Judge Ellis struggled to maintain his cool.
How about this one — Skye Ellis?
The Ellis family became involved with the.
Judge Ellis confirmed all of his suspicions.
FNB of Perryton in the 1920s when Carl Ellis.
Bill Ellis, Convention Manager for the church.
In one graceful move, Ellis turned to face her.
This is to inform you that Bill Ellis has not.
At least you were cheap about it, Judge Ellis.
I see, Ellis continued, interrupting her.
Banks and Ellis, the deck is stacked against us.
HAVELOCK ELLIS, The Soul of Spain, Boston, 1909.
Ellis was silent a moment as he studied her face.
The Honorable Judge Ellis was most willing to.
Then, Max remembered he had confronted Bill Ellis.
How can you be so sure of that? Ellis pressed.
Banks, at the order of Judge Ellis, had let those.
A more dated event was what historian Ellis called.
Ellis? said a wide-awake male voice at the other.
Bill Ellis approached the area where Max and Jill were.
Ellis, Detective Ridgeway said as he turned to face.
Even though Banks enforced the law, Ellis was a higher.
She had spoken to Bill and Terri Ellis about her situation.
There was to be no inspection of immigrants at Ellis Island.
Get hold of Bill Ellis immediately, Hap ordered as he.
The Pandit Sports Goods Suppliers was located in Ellis Bridge.
President and Terri Ellis has arranged all but the first one.
Terri Ellis unlocked the door to the hotel room with the big.
Ross, where are you? Bill Ellis said into his hand-held.

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