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Encased in a sentence

encased with his armies.
His head was encased in a.
The plastic it was encased.
encased Simla’s human flesh.
The Bishop became encased in ice.
her breast encased in a white bra.
moment passed encased in laughter.

Once removed, it was encased there in.
encased in amber, lay his friend and colleague.
the pictures and the shirt encased in the frame.
An encased desire which fulfills wishes of the.
of hope in the uncertainty that encased them al.
Her left arm and shoulder were encased in a cast.
was encased by the old ones who made this cave .
The humans and animals that had once encased these.
But we might as well have been encased in a diamond.
cranium that encased its brain wasn’t overly large.
He dug like a madman at the mud that still encased.
Every step was like lifting a foot encased in cement.
This small chamber was encased in strong, thick glass.
food that wasn't encased in a puncture-proof container.
Above the encased brain a trumpet-like horn on a stand.
One whole side of him was encased in painful stiffness.
The Batmobile was essentially encased in a continuous.
But inside the big-ass un-snow globe that encased the.
Jody, the scent of death had encased itself around Camp.
encased in those two little words, repeating themselves.
wind and snow by the reverse-snow globe that encased them.
She enters the room, her fine calves encased in the Poets.
from the self-pity that had encased her spirit for so long.
voice encasing the frozen Cloud.
The SUV behind theirs is encasing.
encasing me in its protective bubble.
There’s a thick sheet of metal encasing the engine.
Just a few seconds later the door encasing the giant wheel.
strength, touching another and instantly encasing the man in mummy linen.
Then it came to me: I was inside one of the rooms encasing the monstrous.
There is only one directive: that the lost are found; that the thick leaves encasing the dead are parted and they are lifted into the arms of light.
My eyes descended to the rhinestone-like gems sewn onto her dazzling gown, now eliciting flickers of light, those beams bouncing off the flesh colored material encasing her magnificent body.
The assassins cast their spell at the decoys, while here Lady Povon casts spells at this trio and this trio, catching them off guard and encasing them in silver energies, incapacitating them.
The swathes of gauze encasing Herminia’s head so camouflaged her that at first glance, Beth thought she had slipped out, but the movement of nuzzling into her pillow for another forty winks gave her away.
on the ice tomb that encases her shape.
It encases all the odds for a stock of an outcome from 0 to really, really high.
The sweet, pulpy fruit encases your tongue just as your mouth encases the cherry.
for the beautiful musical water globe that encases a cross with the Serenity Prayer.
Increasing the magnification he can see that the element is comprised of a lense that entirely encases it.
From this perspective, there is a real me, a platonic ideal self, waiting to emerge from the chrysalis of fat that encases it.
waves, energy production, electrical connectivity of the planet, satellite networking of an environment that encases us in a vibrant energy that is transforming us into organs of its survival.
suggest you encase it in its sheath.
a weed, but encase it in its own pot?.
encase within it a biological computer that is immense in its.
All that remained was to encase one's head in its metal sphere.
vapors from the Dead Sea will encase everything near it in salt.
I think that somewhere along the line, the Oracles began to encase their.
Bollinger Bands used two standard deviations over a period of 20 days to encase about 95% of the price action.
They wanted to fuse his vertebra, encase his spine in a plastic tube, and pour some kind of concrete in there.
Artillery was accurate and deadly and the only real defence against it was to encase yourself in thick concrete forts or ‘pill boxes’ (so called because they looked like, er, pill boxes).
If that didn’t work the first time, she would consider allowing your bodies to partly re-form, and then encase them in glass or something similar in order to prevent the rest of your matter from rejoining the already consolidated portion.
A growl grated through the vocalizer as the robot lashed out, trying to grab onto the slender body and encase it in a hand, hoping to crush the Planet's Child in one blow before he had a chance to come to full power, only to run into a glowing barrier of gold energy.

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