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Everything in a sentence

1. I want to try everything.
2. Everything is in a flux.
3. So we owe him everything.
4. Everything that is, is now.
5. As it can name everything.
6. Everything else is but a.
7. They will be in everything.

8. Everything was given to us.
10. Then I told her everything.
11. Everything flows in and out.
12. Everything was cold and wet.
13. Everything is its own cause.
14. I did tell you everything.
15. Everything being what it is.
16. Everything waits in the dark.
17. She will tell you everything.
18. Everything we had in Moscow.
19. I would sacrifice everything.
20. No, he lied about everything.
21. She gets everything for free.
22. There is a cost to everything.
23. We know everything about you.
24. Everything was fine at first.
25. I wanted to be her everything.
26. Everything hinged on that key.
27. M: Everything begins with you.
28. Everything would be fine now.
29. In everything? he asked.
30. They robbed me of everything.
31. And though everything in me.
32. God is everything, whatever,.

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