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Faces in a sentence

I saw faces in clouds.
He turns and faces me.
The faces with no name.
All faces turned to him.
Faces screw up in pain.
Such faces as one sees.
We clawed at our faces.

He saw on the faces of.
Media faces it the most.
Faces peered down at him.
Our faces in the papers.
Such are the pale faces.
I never saw their faces.
Faces stared down at her.
The looks on their faces.
Their faces meet in the.
There were so many faces.
They stood; faces of fear.
Look at their faces, boy.
She turns and faces Jason.
Only two faces gazed back.
He read it in their faces.
The same old faces sat on.
Tears fell down their faces.
Our faces were nose to nose.
Faces I no longer remember.
Alex faces a cruel dilemma.
Faces from his school days.
Their faces were very close.
Fear arrived on their faces.
The white faces of the men.
He steps around and faces me.
Garret looked at their faces.
I could see it in your faces.
And the two faces disappeared.
He is able to make out faces.
I read the signs on all faces.
Michael looked at their faces.
Their faces are inches apart.
I am facing the bed.
I have to be facing.
I am facing an abyss.
The man is facing you.
He had been facing the.
I lie down, facing him.
Now it was facing them.
We sat facing each other.
He sat facing me in his.
We have to be facing.
I was facing the monsters.
I stood up too, facing her.
One of them was facing him.
He was facing it, and its.
He was a lone cat, facing.
Nigel was sat facing Pamon.
They sat facing each other.
He rolled over, facing her.
Since the couch is facing.
He was now facing his fears.
He stands frozen facing away.
Cruzel stood facing the men.
I was on my side facing the.
When facing a crossroad, the.
He stood facing a man with a.
Only by facing your fears 91.
An Arrow stood, facing Psyche.
We sat facing each other.
Facing the future alone, the.
With Roman facing the tougher.
But facing their enemy head-on.
She found herself facing Jerome.
She was facing a serious issue.
Wolf, facing Parker, was talking.
Facing the holy Ka’aba :.
We were facing perhaps the most.
Then facing worry becomes a game.
Hayley moved to stand facing Jean.
He turns so that he’s facing me.
God helps by facing man with the.
He faced the two men.
If you have faced a.
I stood and faced her.
He stood and faced Dar.
You'll be faced with a.
He stood up and faced.
I would be faced with.
I then faced each other.
I knelt and faced Justin.
He turned and faced her.
She turned and faced him.
But he faced out to sea.
I stood up and faced him.
Then she faced the truth.
He stood up and faced me.
He stopped and faced her.
Glen stood and faced her.
He faced her for a second.
Tanya faced him once more.
That has not faced death.
She stopped and faced him.
Ben turned and faced Hilo.
Again we are faced with.
Tony stood and faced Alex.
She whirled and faced him.
Now they faced going in!.
He had faced off an army.
Astrid stood and faced him.
She stood and faced the Elf.
Tarak turned and faced him.
I faced toward my own door.
So I returned and faced him.
Similarly I faced a weekly.
She faced him without anger.
I turned and faced the crowd.
I turned and faced my mother.
Once more he faced a dilemma.
He turned and faced San Luis.
Every fear we faced together.
George Bush was faced wíth.

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I laughed in his face.
He spat into her face.
A smile lit his face.
His face was so fine.
He turned to face her.
The Wind in Our Face.
He never saw his face.
His face whipped to it.
He tried to face the.
His face went all red.
Red lights in his face.
The look on his face.
Pick had a face card up.
The Face In The Mirror.
Saldon spat in his face.
Lyra turned to face him.
She hid her face on my.
A tear lands on her face.
He turns to face his car.
Daithi had a strong face.
His face began to turn.
A smile came to my face.
A frown crossed his face.
A face appeared at the.
Sarah pulled a face of.
His face steels up again.
And the look on his face.
His face was hot and red.
A smile came to her face.
Robbie turned to face me.
But the face was granite.
Her face was ashen white.
He punched me in the face.
He turned back to face me.
Let me wipe your face.
Her face burned with fury.
She had rolled to face me.
He turns to face Mohammed.
He found none on her face.
A face looked back at him.

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