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Faster in a sentence

I had to read faster.
We had to move faster.
He was faster than me.
But the man was faster.
He needed to run faster.
Faster than I could run.
Faster I move as I look.

Jaden tries to go faster.
Got to be faster, Sespian.
The gob was coming faster.
They go faster and faster.
And it was usually faster.
But the train is faster.
Faster and faster it went.
If we could only go faster.
In Canberra it came faster.
I’ll try to climb faster.
Soon she was running faster.
My heart sped up even faster.
I ate faster than I should.
And again, faster each time.
The orders came faster and.
The faster a site loads of.
They went faster and faster.
Caris ’s heart beat faster.
She walked a little faster.
Maybe it was movin’ faster.
I feared I was going faster.
My heart beat a little faster.
His heart was beating faster.
They came faster and harder.
The faster he ran, the more.
It will recover faster there.
My heart reaches out faster.
People have chosen a faster.
Holly was hurtling faster now.
Having more fat babies faster.
But I heal faster than a wolf.
Some of us faster than others.
It made his heart beat faster.

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