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Faster in a sentence

1. I had to read faster.
2. He was faster than me.
3. We had to move faster.
4. But the man was faster.
5. Faster than I could run.
6. He needed to run faster.
7. Jaden tries to go faster.

8. Got to be faster, Sespian.
9. Faster I move as I look.
10. The gob was coming faster.
11. They go faster and faster.
12. But the train is faster.
13. Faster and faster it went.
14. And it was usually faster.
15. Soon she was running faster.
16. I’ll try to climb faster.
17. If we could only go faster.
18. In Canberra it came faster.
19. Caris ’s heart beat faster.
20. Maybe it was movin’ faster.
21. And again, faster each time.
22. The faster a site loads of.
23. I ate faster than I should.
24. My heart sped up even faster.
25. The orders came faster and.
26. They went faster and faster.
27. She walked a little faster.
28. My heart beat a little faster.
29. My heart reaches out faster.
30. Holly was hurtling faster now.
31. People have chosen a faster.
32. The faster he ran, the more.
33. I feared I was going faster.
34. It will recover faster there.
35. They came faster and harder.
36. His heart was beating faster.
37. It made his heart beat faster.
38. Some just faster than others.
39. Having more fat babies faster.
40. The kid saw me and ran faster.
41. Some of us faster than others.
42. But I heal faster than a wolf.
43. He was faster when he was mad.
44. It was over ten times faster.
45. Federation all that much faster.
46. Light travels faster than sound.
47. We continued to dig even faster.
48. We were moving faster than we.
49. It was faster than many times.
50. Faster than the speed of sound.
51. Brokin's heart beat even faster.
52. Then pressed on faster: What?
53. A heku could run faster than a.
54. The Fae were faster, more agile.
55. Life comes at them faster than.
56. First came the faster creatures.
57. Susan, the faster it will happen.
58. Run faster than you have before.
59. Her heart started beating faster.
60. The music gets louder and faster.
61. The needle spun faster than ever.
62. He runs faster with anticipation.
63. Your will urges you to go faster.
64. We must journey faster than this.
65. Yes, they will move faster now.
66. The hours pass faster and faster.
67. She was compelled to walk faster.
68. She was faster than I'd realized.
69. His heart started beating faster.
70. This is much faster than industry.
71. Mind moves faster than even wind.
72. Her heartbeat was getting faster.
73. He was breathing faster and faster.
74. The current must be moving faster.
75. Faster, he flew to the lake house.
76. Time was moving faster and faster.
77. Shouldn’t we be riding faster?
78. And their mothers are even faster.
79. Things could move faster that way.
80. Practice will help you read faster.
81. Maybe it could be a tad bit faster.
82. Seasons changed, faster and faster.
83. The music became faster and louder.
84. The slapping came faster and faster.
85. The stars ahead streaked by faster.
86. Will was sure he could walk faster.
87. Nicolas spurred his horse on faster.
88. It is falling off faster and faster.
89. Could you drive faster, please?
90. Only the Moon moves faster than him.
91. Sam’s heart starts to beat faster.
92. They are definitely digested faster.
93. That's why I am stronger and faster.
94. It got faster and easier growing up.
95. However, the faster RAM is the better.
96. Isis reacted faster than I could have.
97. You’ll heal a lot faster if you do.
98. I told you that to wake you up faster.
99. Louder and louder, faster and faster.
100. To improve the ability to walk faster.

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