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Folded in a sentence

1. It was all folded over.
2. Tom folded up the paper.
3. You may be blind folded.
4. The paper was not folded.
5. She folded the map and.
6. He folded his arms and.
7. Mori had folded his arms.

8. I folded the pamphlet up.
9. The folded note slid out.
10. It folded its wings and.
11. It hid a folded paper note.
12. The sailor folded his arms.
13. His hands were folded in.
14. My mother folded her hands.
15. I folded my hands and nodded.
16. He folded his hands on his.
17. His folded arms and serious.
18. Toby folded the map and smiled.
19. He stood with his arms folded.
20. I saw he had folded the paper.
21. He carefully folded up the map.
22. Joey pouted and folded his arms.
23. Faye looked to her folded hands.
24. Roy folded like a lead balloon.
25. I then tore each folded corner.
26. I folded my arms across my chest.
27. The universe folded in on itself.
28. William stopped and folded over.
29. It folded its wings and dropped.
30. His old clothes were folded and.
31. Barron nodded and folded his arms.
32. My arms are folded over my chest.
33. Her arms remained tightly folded.
34. Joey shrugged and folded his arms.
35. Banda handed him the folded shirt.
36. Murphy folded his arms expectantly.
37. He handed Jed the folded newspaper.
38. The man folded his arms and stared.
39. He folded his arms across his chest.
40. But eventually, I’d folded them.
1. A vacuum folding on its own.
2. Folding and Storage the Cover.
3. Across the way, a woman folding.
4. Dwy, folding his hands on his desk.
5. Holding another folding stock Kalash.
6. Jesse just started folding up his notes.
7. His folding table and chairs were set up.
8. He looks at Jaden while folding his arms.
9. Convolution is synonymous with folding.
10. Goodwater, Elmira said, folding her arms.
11. I think she's folding clothes or something.
12. Shadursky interrogatively, folding his arms.
13. Chance nodded towards her, folding his arms.
14. Rows of empty folding chairs face a casket.
15. About what? he asked folding his mat.
16. There’s a folding bed in the storeroom.
17. There was a flurry of binder folding and a.
18. Hugo suddenly scrambled onto a folding chair.
19. She was sitting on the couch folding laundry.
20. Alice stopped folding and looked at the woman.
21. Walker took out his Emerson folding knife and.
22. I said, folding the collar neatly along the seam.
23. We were in the gym at tables with folding chairs.
24. Writing to mum I answered folding the paper.
25. She took her dress off, carefully folding it and.
26. Limp as a rug, she collapsed, folding in his arms.
27. Sesemann rushed up to her, folding her in his arms.
28. Adara sat up, folding her legs underneath her body.
29. Streams of consciousness forever folding & forming.
30. A small folding penknife had been left on the floor.
31. Heidi, folding her hands, began the consoling verses.
32. Derrington nodded, folding his arms across his chest.
33. He emerged a minute later with a couple of folding.
34. Thomas stood and started folding up his sleeping gear.
35. There, seated on a small, metal folding chair placed.
36. April and I sat with two other women on folding chairs.
37. Mrs Houston looked up from her folding of our clothing.
38. The sail fluttered down, folding unto itself, sighing.
39. Jim sat in front of them, folding his legs before him.
40. Margolis leaned forward, folding his hands on the table.
1. In the folds of my mind.
3. He folds his hands together.
4. Paul angrily folds his arms.
5. Molly folds her arms and laughs.
6. His body folds into the pavement.
7. Lyre folds his hands over one knee.
8. She folds her hands in front of her.
9. Raiden folds his arms into his chest.
10. The Purpose of sintering is TWO folds.
11. She does not reply, but folds her arms.
12. Mother folds the paper and looks at me.
13. He folds his arms and lets out a long sigh.
14. Akoulína (collects and folds her presents).
15. Clean out the stomach and note the folds.
16. She picks it up, folds it and hands it to me.
17. He unwound several folds of old cloth, and.
18. Londa folds her arms and stares at them all.
19. They were identical other than for the folds.
20. I thought I had one up on her until she folds.
21. She slipped it quietly into the folds of her.
22. Then deep folds in the ground were discovered.
23. He had used nine folds of his strength on this.
24. I feverishly worked on the folds of his clothes.
25. Tom drew the folds of the cold bundle to one side.
26. He stops and folds his arms, his expression amused.
27. Also her face was puckered into folds of distress.
28. His hood was up, his face hidden in the brown folds.
29. Simon draws his hands up, folds them under his chin.
30. Cass stops him after he folds Miss Avery’s dress.
31. He sets the razor down and folds his hands over mine.
32. Maggie leans against the worktop and folds her arms.
33. The folds of his tattered cape billowed at his back.
34. She made sure that its folds were perfectly arranged.
35. Beneath the folds of his lover’s skin, Elijah sighed.
36. Maria is smirking and folds her arms across her chest.
37. If that old man had used another three folds of vital.
38. Caleb runs up to me and folds me carefully into his arms.
39. Gilbert scowled and his face fell into disconsolate folds.
40. Unks folds the newspaper, and then tucks it under his arm.

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And we enter the fold.
Fold in the egg whites.
This puts a fold in time.
Fold half over the pin.
Fold the egg white mixture.
Fold over the edges to seal.
Maximize Use Above the Fold.
Fold over and serve when set.
Then fold along the vertical.
Garcia removed the blind fold.
Fold into mixture the 1 cup.
I fold it up and stuff it in.
When to Hold and When to Fold.
Fold along the horizontal line.
His face seemed to fold inward.
The hands fold into each other.
Fold ends of cloth over stones.
He also reminded his fold that.
Fold in peanuts and marshmallows.
Two fold assault, said Blue.
Fold in the orange and lemon rind.
Here is where the map should fold.
Fold long sides in about 1/2 inch.
Fold them out so the headline shows.
When you're in the Shepherd's fold.
He lays there with his blind fold on.
Fold pastry into quarters; place in.
My heart is expanding a thousand fold.
Fold bottom pastry over the lattice.
Gradually fold in the whipped Dream.
Fold in 2-cups miniature marshmallows.
Keith seemed to fold into himself then.
Fold in coriander, onion and chillies.
Accept this soul into your fold today.
And doesnt it happen a thousand fold.
Fold and hand back to me with my drink.
It was a three fold unveiling - as the.
Then fold in the peanut butter mixture.
Fold in half and cut air-vents into it.

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