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Follicles in a sentence

1. When the follicles are about 18 mm in.
2. Regrowth hair is hair which emanates from treated follicles.
3. The herbs act on the follicles, stimulating them to produce hair.
4. The hair will stop falling once the follicles are healthy enough.
5. Each of the individual hair follicles has an independent life cycle.
6. Massaging your hair with lavender oil would stimulate hair follicles.
7. This is turn stimulates the hair follicles to promote better hair growth.

8. Beside helping the production of follicles, it also helps to improve the.
9. This is because, it has substances that can stimulate your hair follicles.
10. FSH stimulates the growth and recruitment of immature ovarian follicles in.
11. It can also reduce the negative effect of testosterone on the hair follicles.
12. On average 50 to 100 hairs are shed each day from a total of around 150,000 follicles.
13. Cells at the base of the hair follicles stop their melanin production as we grow older.
14. The smallest hint of a cool breeze stirred senses and raised nipples and hair follicles.
15. Finally we have a number of beauty treatments that only end up damaging the hair follicles.
16. Stop the action and give the hair follicles time to heal and get their strength back again.
17. Lemon juice and onion contain essential nutrients, which can stimulate your hair follicles.
18. A lot of little follicles on the back of his neck felt the cold electricity and climbed erect.
19. It is not possible to disable all hair follicles at the same time for the reasons stated above.
20. Within these follicles hair shafts form and develop and then grow above the surface of the skin.
21. The follicles producing vellus hair are shallow, and the hair shaft produced is relatively short.
22. There is a wide selection of oils that can help to stimulate the follicles for better hair growth.
23. The histamines are capable of altering cell division and encouraging hair follicles to produce hair.
24. Using herbal shampoos and conditioners will go a long way in nourishing the scalp and the hair follicles.
25. The hair follicles tended to hold dye for several days, even if the scalp is well washed after treatment.
26. It can strip hair moisture and damage follicles, which is why you should read the label of your shampoo.
27. It’s an autoimmune disease where the white blood cells attack the cells that contain hair follicles.
28. This is because, this substance is needed by your hair, in order to maintain the health of the follicles.
29. It contains male hormones and Minoxidil, which is a vasodilator medication to help stimulate the follicles.
30. With laser light therapy, a similar concept is being used to provide the red light boost to the hair follicles.
31. Ultra Violet (UV) light and infrared light are both light waves that bring several benefits to the hair follicles.
32. The shiver that went through Donald's body echoed off his soles of his feet and rebounded back to his hair follicles.
33. When the follicles get damaged, the hair falls out because it stops receiving the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.
34. This light comes from the laser apparatus delivered at a precise frequency to repair hair and revitalize the follicles.
35. Undergoing too many hair treatments that use harsh chemicals only serves to damage the follicles and stop the growth of hair.
36. Experiments using mice have proved successful in transplanting healthy adult stem cells into mice to produce new hair follicles.
37. It is good idea to pluck your eyebrows after taking a hot bath, as the skin is softer then and the hair follicles are more open.
38. The treatment has the effect of bringing to the hair follicles all the missing nutrients that caused the hair loss in the first place.
39. When essential oils are applied directly onto the scalp, it helps to increase the flow of blood and provide nutrients to the hair follicles.
40. This action causes the scalp skin to stretch so that eventually there is enough flexibility of skin and healthy follicles to stretch over the gap.

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