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Freshwater in a sentence

1. Rock pools are unlikely to be freshwater.
2. It is the longest freshwater lake in the world.
3. This is a freshwater sea with an abundance of fish.
4. I think so, but we have almost run out of freshwater.
5. The freshwater stingrays rarely exceed 30cm (1ft) long.
6. And knowing that freshwater was going to be harder to.
7. There are both freshwater and saltwater catfish species.

8. It's not as big a problem for freshwater tanks as it is.
9. But in fish only freshwater and saltwater tanks you can.
10. He also built an aqueduct in the mountains for freshwater.
11. Aquatic, in and by freshwater in the southern United States.
12. Northern Ireland has the largest freshwater lake in the Isles.
13. Some of these tips apply to both freshwater and saltwater fish.
14. It is more expensive than a freshwater but I think that once a.
15. The pressure of the freshwater flowing outward pushes the saltwater back.
16. In between a freshwater tank and saltwater tank is the brackish fish tank.
17. Saltwater tanks usually require more water movement than freshwater tanks.
18. For your next course you have the grilled anagi, which is freshwater eel.
19. Freshwater aquarists generally can remove some of the tank water (say 10%) with.
20. There are many differences when it comes to freshwater aquariums versus saltwater.
21. I will review the evacuation zone this afternoon after the freshwater injection is.
22. Many freshwater hobbyists think the common pleco is a cool fish to have and indeed it is.
23. Fish only setups could range from 6 to 12 hours, reef tank setups and freshwater planted.
24. It should be noted that these are only used for freshwater tanks because saltwater mixes.
25. Freshwater planted tank keepers that use fertilizers with their plants sometimes refrain.
26. Are you thinking about converting that freshwater aquarium into a saltwater aquarium? We'll.
27. Freshwater hobbyists certainly have invertebrates available but not to the extent of saltwater.
28. It is called Arrigo and it is uninhabited as there is no freshwater save for what falls as rain.
29. Another strange occurrence in this sunken world was that the water directly offshore was freshwater.
30. Saltwater reef tank keepers and freshwater plant keepers may want to invest in a Phosphate Test Kit.
31. It was a huge freshwater fish that was alien to Lake Victoria, and grew to two meters or more in length.
32. The best way to monitor this cycle is to purchase a freshwater or saltwater test kit that will test for.
33. The county boasts of the most vast and cleanest natural freshwater lake in the entire state of California.
34. It was not easy to appear so far upriver, but the naiads, my freshwater cousins, helped sustain my life force.
35. The freshwater ich version is Ichthyophthirius multifiliis and the saltwater ich version is called Cryptocaryon.
36. There were many freshwater streams for drinking, washing and fishing and, as a community they shared everything.
37. This depression would have slowly filled (if not also partially filled earlier), to form a large freshwater lake.
38. A freshwater crocodile sunned itself on a bank, sliding silently into the water at their approach, far more afraid of them than they of it.
39. Hal was no longer in the choppy, salty ocean, but in a calm, freshwater lake, its clear, still surface mirroring the dazzling moonlight above.
40. Elizabeth broke into the conversation, Metal for some unknown reason does not rust when submerged in the waters of these freshwater lagoons.
41. Small pools of darkness marked bodies of water, and then a long darkness came as the airplane crossed one of the great freshwater seas the ice had left behind.
42. Could I also replenish our stores of freshwater Sir? The Sanjo and the Vanetia still have adequate supply, but the Lantia lost most of her provisions in the storm.
43. Before the war Tagel had been a busy coastal port sitting on top of a freshwater spring and also on the main trading routes to the independent kingdoms in the south.
44. Aazuria’s snowy-white hair had been garnished with dozens of strands of freshwater pearls, and gathered into a stylish side-ponytail which hung over her good shoulder.
45. A peacock bass is actually a tropical, freshwater fish that is native to the South American Amazon River, and is actually a member of cichlids instead of the bass family.
46. Just touching the Alps, this borders Italy and is the most forested area after Finland and Sweden, and is home to 1% of al living creatures and 2% of al freshwater species.
47. The class Spongiaria contains about 300 species that are encountered in a large number of seas and even in certain streams, where they've been given the name freshwater sponges.
48. Another fantastic fact is that the European sea bass fishermen have actually integrated many of the American freshwater fishing methodologies and techniques in honing their performance.
49. Freshwater and Saltwater fish only tanks can usually get by with the regular Fluorescent lights whereas the freshwater plant keepers and saltwater reef tank keepers will need to invest in.
50. Bedrock becomes boulders, boulders become stones; the ice retreats, a lake forms, and galaxies of freshwater clams flap their million shells at the sun and close and die and the lake seeps away.
51. The cabins there, paneled in exotic woods, were spacious, with built-in vanities, plush upholstered furniture, Persian rugs, bedside telephones, and private bathrooms with hot and cold freshwater showers.
52. This awareness of Inorganic Energy, this Organic Principle of Mutual Attraction can be scientifically proven by the fact that all large bodies of saltwater have tides, whereas all large bodies of freshwater do not.
53. This occurred to him suddenly, at the christening of the first freshwater vessel built in the local shipyards, which was also the first official occasion at which Florentino Ariza, as First Vice President of the R.
54. Basically, a bass fishing tackle, which is technically a freshwater fishing tackle, is actually comprised of different parts and aspects, each one important, and each one plays a role that would help you catch bass fishes.
55. Lake Taihu (Lake Taihu, located at the junction of Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, the Yangtze River Delta in the south, is the largest lake in China's eastern coastal region, is the third largest freshwater lake in China), the waters of Lake Taihu will rise by one feet!….
56. In October 2012, however, biologists from Germany’s University of Bonn announced that experiments had confirmed that Pelvicachromis taeniatus – a species of African freshwater cichlid inhabiting dark, shady rivers – is able to perceive prey in a wavelength range greater than 780 nanometres.
57. With the introduction of RNA enzymes and nucleotides from the moss which thrived around the small freshwater lake inside the citadel and by altering the grass and floras DNA, they’d created a hardy form of plant life that required little or no light as photosynthesis was accelerated within the plant.

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