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Gigabytes in a sentence

Hundreds of millions of gigabytes.
That would be about 48 gigabytes.
This will result in 150 Gigabytes of data.
That’s how gigabytes of clutter are created.
I’ve just lost eight million gigabytes of data.
The amount of memory in a modern flash card is 4 Gigabytes or 8 Gigabytes.
They have the capability of storing up to 16 gigabytes of information on a single disk, in certain versions.

So if we make a sufficiently detailed scan of a person’s brain, we’ll have a full description of his or her personality, which can be held in an electronic file of about a billion gigabytes.
It seems that since the issuance of Word 97 the hi-tech gurus at Microsoft had expanded their interest beyond chips, gigabytes, and teraflops to massage the vocabulary of those who use Microsoft Word.

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