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Giggled in a sentence

1. She giggled and went in.
2. One of the girls giggled.
3. Mom giggled at the sight.
4. She giggled and kissed me.
5. The sisters giggled on cue.
6. The kid giggled and kicked.
7. I shook my head and giggled.

8. Izzy and I both giggled then.
9. I giggled at the corny quote.
10. Byia giggled, The lust boat.
11. He giggled like a child and.
12. He chatted and giggled with.
13. I giggled and others followed.
14. She giggled and rolled off me.
15. The crowd giggled and pointed.
16. Broshee giggled at the memory.
17. He giggled that his spell had.
18. Vicki giggled and took his hand.
19. Johnny giggled and then frowned.
20. Lady Proudness giggled and said.
21. Darian and Bill giggled at that.
22. Bev with a grin and giggled too.
23. I giggled, scratching its head.
24. Best of luck! she giggled.
25. The old man giggled and shook.
26. Louise giggled at his profanity.
27. Aerith giggled as Elmyra wrung.
28. She giggled and pushed him away.
29. Liam giggled and rolled his eyes.
30. Was that it? giggled Melody.
31. They giggled and nodded, blushing.
32. She giggled and said ‘ditto’.
33. The two other girls giggled again.
34. They giggled at his incredulous.
35. She giggled and chased after him.
36. Tina giggled at his tone of voice.
37. Marian giggled - it was infectious.
38. Elowen giggled and scratched the.
39. Sarabeth giggled and took her hand.
40. Andrea giggled as they walked away.
1. I was giggling to myself.
2. Giggling, she undid his jeans.
3. She withdrew her hand giggling.
4. She was on her mobile giggling.
5. Giggling at each other and now.
6. They started giggling some more.
7. Soon Nyla was giggling too, and.
8. I nodded and she started giggling.
9. I think I hear a girl giggling.
10. They were always together, giggling.
11. Could you stop giggling? I said.
12. Below the cliff was non-stop giggling.
13. She started giggling away to herself.
14. The giggling certainly hadn’t helped.
15. This sent him giggling and back behind.
16. I pulled away from Alex, giggling softly.
17. Tommy was rubbing his crotch and giggling.
18. A sultry advance on Scott set him giggling.
19. Dunit was giggling at Telkit’s misfortune.
20. She was flipping her hair and giggling a lot.
21. And there is a little giggling and snickering.
22. She started giggling, He has sweet dreams.
23. Hasini crawled to them, giggling and babbling.
24. I was still giggling, but managed to answer him.
25. She abhorred giggling, but she couldn’t stop.
26. And she kept on giggling, a hand over her mouth.
27. Irena looked out the window again, still giggling.
28. But they were already a giggling whirlwind past her.
29. Lottie clapped her hands and danced about, giggling.
30. She'd been too busy giggling with a girl from Spain.
31. The giggling stopped and we sat in silence for a bit.
32. Her parents sat around the table, giggling gleefully.
33. He was still giggling as they drove over the causeway.
34. Pavel Pavlovitch was grimacing and giggling no longer.
35. The second the cameras closed down Xen, giggling to.
36. She started giggling and I could not help but join in.
37. Soon Mark stood with five giggling females in his arms.
38. The lift doors parted and two giggling women stepped out.
39. Her little arms hug even tighter as she begins giggling.
40. Molly was giggling and all smiles as she watched their.
1. I burst out into giggles.
2. Soon Jags caught the giggles.
3. The giggles and laughter in.
4. Sharon giggles in her champagne.
5. Cass remembers the box and giggles.
6. Hard as nails despite his giggles.
7. She giggles again, harder this time.
8. We both burst into fits of giggles.
9. Yeah the high road, Ren giggles.
10. The second quote gives me the giggles.
11. Glacia giggles and I smile even bigger.
12. Cass jiggles and giggles in her embrace.
13. Mick were unaware of the stifled giggles.
14. There were giggles and chortles all round.
15. Anandmayi collapsed into a fit of giggles.
16. Desiree' gasped outloud in a fit of giggles.
17. For shits and giggles Blake reffered to him.
18. Nice color, she managed between giggles.
19. Karit's friends answered with giggles and grins.
20. She broke the illusion by bursting into giggles.
21. He wasn’t sure if he heard some giggles or not.
22. The giggles made her smile—and distracted Annie.
23. Now their giggles and shivers seemed a lifetime ago.
24. Unanimously, they then waved with smiles and giggles.
25. The audience hissed and booed, then broke into giggles.
26. Selena was the first to break out in a fit of giggles.
27. Giggles bubbled out of her mouthshe was singing again.
28. You, she said as she tried to suppress her giggles.
29. She lay for a minute waiting for the giggles to subside.
30. There were a few giggles in the congregation, me includ-.
31. Nico shook her head quickly, holding a fit of giggles in.
32. His voice is lost in a pool of whispers, laughs and giggles.
33. Nervous giggles from some of the girls, coughs from the boys.
34. After a moment she giggles and runs a finger along his cheek.
35. She started turning round and round and defeating the giggles.
36. She says something to Jurgen in Spanish, nods at Dave, giggles.
37. Daniel closed the door and they both burst into fits of giggles.
38. Her sparkling disposition and giggles disarmed potential critics.
39. Charly kept breaking into giggles while he masticated stone-faced.
40. She giggles at that, clearly not believing me – she’ll learn!.

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I held back a giggle.
They frown as I giggle.
She toasts with a giggle.
Which caused Bev to giggle.
That made young Nancy giggle.
She couldn't help but giggle.
The whole thing made Sue giggle.
I suppressed the urge to giggle.
Tracey couldn't help but giggle.
He started to smile, then giggle.
Suddenly the child began to giggle.
Paul liked the sound of her giggle.
Cristal had to hold back a giggle.
Carrie felt a sudden urge to giggle.
She released her grip with a giggle.
She began to giggle at the prospect.
Child who invented the simple giggle.
It made her giggle through her tears.
Joey suppressed a giggle of excitement.
Flatterer, she said with a giggle.
I can't help but give a nervous giggle.
He started to giggle, soon passing out.
She’d giggle and shrug and look cute.
Grandmother, she said with a giggle.
Then, mid giggle, something occurred to.
Nicole started to giggle and couldn't stop.
It was soon followed by a childish giggle.
And why not? she asked with a giggle.
This thought made Therese giggle slightly.
Suddenly Raden Nabilla burst into a giggle.
Evan found this funny and started to giggle.
I think that was what the giggle was about.
This is cool, Rich said with a giggle.
Corallyn couldn’t conceal a small giggle.
Every now and again a giggle would pop out.
Edmunson? she replied with a sexy giggle.
That caused Amaia to giggle and Alex to grin.
You like this? she teased with a giggle.
It tickles my skin, and I giggle in response.
I giggle and rub my wrists as they’re freed.

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