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Girl in a sentence

A boy and a girl.
It can be any girl.
I gave the girl $20.
Girl he was so mad.
The girl in the pub.
She was a rich girl.
It was a girl crying.

I was a flower girl.
I was a temple girl.
She was only a girl.
It was a little girl.
That girl had a plan.
He turned to the girl.
Son held the baby girl.
They want the girl, Mr.
She ain't a girl Mr.
They have a baby girl.
Jeff felt for the girl.
The girl was too light.
Sophie was just a girl.
And this girl had to.
She was the girl who.
Three men and the girl.
Angie was a great girl.
A girl without a name.
I do, the girl says.
From that girl of eyes.
I love you, baby girl.
Or the hands of a girl.
The young girl was back.
The younger was a girl.
The girl closed her eyes.
Even Chi Girl was there.
Just always be my girl.
This girl exist it is us.
The girl had hurried off.
The girl is six, but is.
Come on girl! Within you.
I saw the girl in there.

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