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Gnu in a sentence

1. As with most GNU Pro-.
2. Through it all, the GNU.
3. Stallman, founder of the GNU.
4. Following the release of GNU.
5. All told, however, official GNU.
6. As fate would have it, Stallman's fanciful GNU.
7. The GNU project had a microkernel, and to add the.

8. They were created by GNU Project volunteers, put-.
9. And I tried letters, and I came across the word GNU.
10. The mutual success of GNU/ LinuxThe acronym GNU stands.
11. Nevertheless, as GNU tools made their mark in the late.
12. GNU Project as "bogged down" despite the success of the.
13. Active in the GNU Project during the 1980s, Raymond had.
14. Linux as anything less than a holdover until the GNU de-.
15. Interestingly, the ultimate success of the GNU Project and.
16. As leader of the GNU Project, Stallman had already experi-.
17. What history says about the GNU Project, twenty years from.
18. With the release of GNU Emacs, the GNU Project finally had.
19. Linux with no mention of the GNU Project at all, Stallman.
20. GNU Emacs team and later Stallman critic, says the problem.
21. Linux users didn't care about the GNU Project, Stallman says.
22. It's got all the other software engineering goo that the GNU.
23. February of 1988, the GNU Project announced that it had shif-.
24. Frustrated by delays and the GNU Project's growing reputation.
25. By 1993, the GNU Project's inability to deliver a working ker-.
26. I therefore decided that my first program for the GNU Project would be a.
27. There was a thing in the Linux documentation which says print out the GNU coding.
28. Written in the C programming language, Linux uses GNU tools, which are freely available.
29. A review of GNU Project "GNUsletters" of the late 1980s reflects the management tension.
30. If the GNU kernel had been ready last spring, I'd not have bothered to even start my project.
31. Dubbed " The Cathedral and the Bazaar," the speech contrasted the management styles of the GNU Project with the man-.
32. Written in the spirit of Stallman's "GNU Manifesto" from a decade before, it explained the importance of working closely with.
33. Still, at the time, there was a concern that if the Linux community saw itself as a different thing as the GNU community, it might be a force for.
34. To this category seems to belong the Ape riding a Gnu, the forms, however, being true to nature though appearing fantastic when placed in juxtaposition.
35. Not only does this avoid confusion with the word "gnu," the name of the African antelope, Connochaetes gnou , it also avoids confusion with the adjective "new.
36. Tiemann found added inspiration in the GNU Manifesto,.
37. Teaming up with John Gilmore, another GNU Project fan,.
38. According to section 10 of the GNU General Public License,.
39. Although both suits fell outside the scope of the GNU Project,.
40. Soon, we hope, Emacs will not be the biggest part of the GNU system,.

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