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Goofed in a sentence | goofed example sentences

  1. Wow, I wouldve really goofed up there.
  2. He had goofed again, hadn’t he? Damn it anyway!.
  3. I hadn’t goofed off in years, and now was the perfect time to do it.
  4. Gulab and Bilo goofed around in the garden; they were testing out the catapult.
  5. Finding him truant, she realized that she goofed up her chance, and thought, ‘Any commonplace comment could have kept the dialogue alive, and who knows, what it would have unraveled.

  1. Never goofing around with any boys.
  2. However, he was only goofing around.
  3. So obviously, he kept on goofing around.
  4. The guards were goofing around not answering the phone.
  5. Louie and Patch were punching each other in the arms and goofing around on the hood of the.
  6. I'm just goofing off, swinging that sword around, and this room's not this big, it's a bit smaller.
  7. They stood there, when they were supposed to be at attention, goofing and jibing and elbowing each other.
  8. I figured, if I can’t get paid what I’m worth, I can at least lower my worth down to my pay, by goofing off on research!.
  9. She suddenly found herself shouting at them, saying that her brother was missing, America needed planes, and here they were goofing off.
  1. Goofs and pranks suddenly.

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1. He was a goof.
2. You goof, Visola accused with a chuckle.
3. That’s just a goof that this funny black.
4. You see I’m counting on your goof of a husband to sniff you out.
5. We have in us more than mere memories of a place where all was goof and all were happy.
6. She only called him by his full name when he was in trouble and when he was acting like a goof.
7. According to his logic, I'd be far less likely to goof off and get distracted under the watchful eye of a relative.
8. She mumbled bye before glaring at Hayden, but he just gave his typical class-clown/ goof off smile before running out with Cayden.
9. Our inspector on second shift, who we called "Ned the Fed", was a goof who lived three states away and commuted home every weekend.
10. The plane started to burn, and as I pulled up and under and behind him, I could see the little fucking goof struggling in his cockpit.
11. I shook my head NO - more or less to myself, and I ignored the goof balls comment, and refocused my attention on Fandango who wanted to taunt me with salsa, rumba, and cha cha.
12. Sure enough, the goof was still pacing quickly all over the place, holding his injured hand with the other one at the wrist and shaking it about, spraying blood all over the place.
13. He volunteered the rest of that month in art, teasing Krissi about her bad drawings (what’s this supposed to be, a turtle?) and letting her go on about ballet (no, you big goof, it’s my dad’s BMW!).
14. I'm thinking the Captain of this ship, Reia postulated, if it is in fact the same goof who tried to keep the Boss from her freedom, he may have an ulterior agenda regarding his little fleet's ultimate objectives.
15. The Italian footballer, dejected as he was in the wake of the penalty goof that cost his country the World Cup, reportedly turned to Buddhism for solace for he felt that the Christian dogma had no philosophical inputs in it to face of the vicissitudes of life.
16. They would goof around, shoplifting from drugstores, magic-markering song lyrics on the boards surrounding demolition sites, and collecting discreet photos of the ratty kids you saw more and more on the streets of Manhattan, down where the grid went crooked, the ragged and dispofuckingsessed.

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