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Half in a sentence

Half and Half 2 qts.
Half of her was gone.
Deep in my own half.
Two and a half years.
Half and Half 1 pint.
Ish gave a half smile.
She gave half a sneer.

But a ride and a half.
Without - just a half.
Rosa is still half out.
Half a pound of butter.
Cut the dough in half.
Give him half a chance.
As far as money, half.
Perhaps he had half a.
Brush with half the oil.
Pay for half of the date.
The young man was half.
Half an hour later she.
One half a cup of tea, n.
And a half, he says.
His eyes were half closed.
From the second half of.
About a day and a half.
Be there in half an hour.
They pay half the salary.
Half a talent was three.
Fred was a year and a half.
Another half hour went by.
Zardino gave a half nodded.
It took them a half hour.
They were each half empty.
I was half out of my wits.
One was open and half gone.
One half of the buildings.
Sprinkle with half of the.
The heroes in a half shell.
Usually she was half naked.
Nearly a half year, Toby.
I waited another half hour.

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