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Hark in a sentence | hark example sentences

  1. They hark him on.
  2. But hark! The matin bell.
  3. Hark, as they used to say.
  4. Hark! What a noise in the house!.
  5. And hark! the clank of spurs is heard.

  6. Halloa! What's that he shouts? Hark!.
  7. Hark! The unexpected again! I am called.
  8. But ye with faith, to winter wisdom hark.
  9. Hark! How the heavenly anthem drowns.
  10. Hark ye yet again—the little lower layer.
  11. Hark! They hate us, and they are glad; for.
  12. Hark, someone might have said in an old novel.
  13. But hark, again, and I'll answer ye the other thing.
  14. Hark! I hear the whirring of an Editor’s brain cell.
  15. Hark, there is a knock at the door! Run, Letty, and open it.

  16. A hareskin 'touloup!' Hark ye, I'll have you flayed alive that 'touloups' may be made of your skin.
  17. Melanie sank into a chair, picked up one of Ashley’s shirts and, Hark! interrupted Archie softly.
  18. Melanie was beginning to was raising her voice to lead the others in Hark, the Herald Angels Sing!.
  19. Hark! the infernal orgies! that revelry is forward! mark the unfaltering silence aft! Methinks it pictures life.
  20. We will leave this question undecided and hark back to our morass again, for we have left a good deal unexplored.
  21. But look ye, the only real owner of anything is its commander; and hark ye, my conscience is in this ship's keel.
  22. Willie could hear their voices drifting away into the distance, singing "Hark the Herald" and laughing over something.
  23. And now, if you have quite finished, we will hark back to Kensington and see what the manager of Harding Brothers has to say on the matter.
  24. And now, if you have quite finished, we will hark back to Kensington and see what the manager of Harding Brothers has to say to the matter.
  25. Then one of them took the other aside and said, Hark, the little fellow would make our fortune if we exhibited him in a large town, for money.

  26. Hark ye, Cabaco, there is somebody down in the after-hold that has not yet been seen on deck; and I suspect our old Mogul knows something of it too.
  27. Hark! Don't you hear the grinding of the shingle away over the port bow? As soon as the sound comes from windward we'll have her on the port tack, and thus we'll clear Boulder Ledge.
  28. The tendency of a tired eye is to see less differentiation, and to hark back to a dull uniformity; so get in touch at once with the vital differences while your eye is fresh and your vision keen.
  29. There would be great glory in killing him, I know that; and there is a ship-load of precious sperm in him, but, hark ye, he's best let alone; don't you think so, Captain?—glancing at the ivory leg.
  30. Hark! the waking up of nations,.
  31. But hark, a voice! Stay thou but here awhile,.
  32. Hark to the turbulent swirling waters – the legacy of the deep,.

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