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Heat in a sentence

Heat oven to 400 F.
Heat oil in a pan.
Heat: oven to 450 F.
In the heat of the.
I can take the heat.
Turn the heat to low.
As the heat in the.

A shade from the heat.
Heat the oil on high.
Heat the oven to 350~.
I seek out the heat.
I let the heat burn.
Heat the oil in a pan.
The heat of the fire.
Heat oil in a fry pan.
The heat was on Dawley.
No, not fire — heat.
In the heat of midday!.
My cheek felt the heat.
He never felt the heat.
Heat rose in her cheeks.
There was a heat wave.
Heat the grill to high.
It was the stupid heat.
Reduce the heat to low.
Reduce stove to low heat.
Remove pan from the heat.
The heat rushed to her.
Heat oven to 425 degrees.
Heat stole up her cheeks.
Heat inched up his neck.
The heat of the summer.
Heat the oven to 300°F.
And then the tough heat.
Heat the oven to 350°F.
Heat the broiler to high.
Lower the heat and add.
The heat left her bones.
And sold me back its heat.
The heat of midday bore.
Nor heating of any sort.
The rally was heating up.
It was a heating and air-.
The heating wasn’t in top.
Home water and Space Heating.
There was no central heating.
Is there a heating element?
Things were heating up rapidly.
The atmosphere was heating up.
There will be no heating of Sun.
Alexis was heating the chocolate.
Chemical Heating Value of a Fuel.
Buying the right heating product.
Heating Instructions For Hard Wax.
We’ll need cooling, not heating.
With heating, the regulator needs 21.
Space and water heating are rather.
The heating oil ran out and he froze.
Felix, get some heating on in here.
The concept for space heating follows.
Use of a Heating Pad during Pregnancy.
I think the heating system has failed.
It looked like things were heating up.
On heating the strength of the spring.
Space heating increase by more than 11.
I hope the central heating to be more.
Expanding space goes in terms of heating.
The spread of central heating appears in.
So close to the heating unit in the jail.
Continue heating with the cover in place.
The fresh water forms form without heating.
We ramp up passive solar heating for homes.
Heating oil had an excess return (GM) of 8.
Marks didn’t see it under the heating duct.
Now there are solar installations for heating.
The peasant is heating the stove for her, too.
Space and water heating demand by sector 1997.
The two-bar was not effective in heating such.
In a heated fever, I saw.
We heated up our lunches.
The Atmosphere is heated -.
My face heated by his touch.
The furnace was being heated.
The stove is heated with wood.
The party, actually, heated up.
Eat me! Eat me raw! Or heated.
We have comforted and heated.
It will be a very heated race.
Our water is heated by the sun.
Her eyes took on a heated gleam.
She was too heated to think of.
Sure enough, the water heated up.
Then, I jump in the heated pool.
Now, there was heated whispering.
Heated by the waters of your soul.
This can be heated in a microwave.
To my utter horror, my face heated.
The whole issue became very heated.
I could not see their heated scenes.
His insides heated to a flame again.
He never came there heated with wine.
She lay naked beneath his heated gaze.
She felt the heated hardness of his.
Bathe it when Gimli has heated water.
In fact, the water almost felt heated.
Add grated coconut to the heated ghee.
The Inquisitor heated the poker again.
Immediately, Jerry ran to the heated.
I began to sweat as my face heated up.
Hadaen's heated gaze travelled over her.
With heated pool, gym, spa and sauna -.
Heated arguments erupt between workers.
He’d heated the water this time, too.
I was getting more heated by the second.
In some circumstances heated arguments.
Um…… things could get heated soon.
Movies on demand, rooftop heated swimming.
We had a date and things really heated up.
The social life in general heats up.
All that rubbing heats it up in a hurry.
As the aquarium water heats up it can hold.
The dancing heats up as the night wines down.
As outside the windows noon-day heats and stills.
The resulting compression quickly heats the core and.
The thrust heats up the snow on the roof of the house.
When exercising the body heats up, causing the heart rate.
This is all because of combination of specific heats and latent heats.
They enter the upper atmosphere and the outside of the ship heats up.
Because of Latent heats Atomic bonding becomes Weaker & it results in.
When the rifle heats up the bullet, it softens it and it leaves the red.
Kortrax heats Kassidor by radiation and also by flexing it as it rotates.
When one heats a crystal made up of long rod molecules, the crystal loses.
As the economy heats up, the Federal Reserve begins raising rates at the.
My face heats up and the sharp pain returns as I watch their close interaction.
The wall mounted boiler in the kitchen rattles and groans as it heats the water.
The cranking handle heats and bends, but Cass continues to squeeze it with his mighty hand.
Gas is very efficient for heating devices; it heats up much quicker and wastes far less energy.
It heats CO2 to 900°C, then passes it over a zirconia electrolysis cell to yank the carbon atoms off.
He spoke of his friend’s dislike of the burning heats, the hurricanes, and rainy seasons of that region.
Both are powered by the emanations of the crystal at the center of the cavern, which also heats this airspace.
The water in the solar tank heats the pressurized water in the inside tank until the two are equal temperature.
Returning to the engine room he heats the uniform and using his hands like a mechanical vice he squeezes out the purple dye.
Once it cinches up to the bone, it then automatically heats up to three hundred degrees and burns the rest of the way through.
In all previous Olympic rowing competitions, he pointed out, preliminary heats as well as finals had been limited to four boats.
And as Clare was oppressed by the outward heats, so was he burdened inwardly by waxing fervour of passion for the soft and silent Tess.
Ceramic hob – a flat glass topped electric hob that’s easier to wipe clean and heats up quicker than conventional electric ‘rings’.
Tierney, if this business with me being implicated in the murder heats up, all you need to do is say the word and I’ll end our relationship.
Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools off when it expands and heats up when it is compressed) variant.
Whether this information which follows is true or not, we all know how the fat in a sausage heats up inside the skin when it is cooked or grilled.
The molecules near the edge of the bubble are exposed to friction which heats them even more, eventually turning them into plasma,' the UPS explained.
As the Olympic preliminary heats approached and the gravity of what was coming settled on them, Ulbrickson’s boys began to get tense and fidgety again.
Surprisingly, neither Germany nor Italy—the two crews, other than the British, about whom Ulbrickson was most concerned—had won their preliminary heats.
They compared her to flakes of snow; as pure, as white, as brilliant, and as liable to melt in the fierce heats of summer, or congeal in the frosts of winter.
There‘s also a large, industrial sized incinerator with a high chimney, perhaps it also heats water, or was originally used to dispose of dangerous hospital waste.
As the elimination heats approached, the weather grew oppressively warm—the first intimations of what was about to become a lethal heat wave all across the East.
Veronique didn’t know exactly how long she had been with the gypsies and many of her past troubles seemed now like a layer of frost that fades away as the sun heats the day.
There is no cold with quite so forlorn a chill in it as a sudden interruption of July heats; and there is no place with quite so forlorn a feeling about it as deserted sands on a leaden evening.

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