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Helter in a sentence | helter example sentences

  1. Then one of them recognised the car and they all rushed helter skelter over to the metal gates.
  2. There’re two waitresses runnin’ helter skelter to keep everybody stuffed with grease and coffee.
  3. The best analogy I can think of here is of an old fashioned helter skelter that we might see at a fair ground.
  4. The insiders are now jumping on their mats, and heading off down the helter skelter, back to 'square one' to begin the process once again with an accumulation phase.
  5. Paige Harbert and Derek Teslik graciously gave permission for the remixing of elements (images, editorial choices, two guest columns, and a trip to the diner) from their respective ’zines, Firefly Cupboard and Helter Skelter, themselves works of folk art whose tributaries reach back as far as the Yippies.

  6. Specifically, the webnetted computerized world has so democratized and monetized imagination that the global digital village has entered helter skelterly into the epochal Age of Imagination, where the collective consciousness is beginning both to blossom and be bludgeoned under the onerous expectation of glorious self-creation – which is the liberation of technology, the culmination of culture, and, supposedly, the collective dream of its denizens.

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