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Hemispherical in a sentence

1. Then it became as if I had a kind of hemispherical vision.
2. To the inside of these there were two hemispherical depressions that I.
3. Such large hemispherical reflectors allow a fast recharge, or a strong one.
4. Can’t there? Everyone you know in the front row, the entire hemispherical sky-movie collapses onto your head.
5. I surmise that the crater is roughly hemispherical and is composed of a material that is reflective of the power that you alone are able to use.
6. Now they were over the next valley, which was also perfectly round and hemispherical except for the flat of the valley floor, though it was somewhat smaller than First Valley.
7. Now, I was thinking that if the wizard’s power is radiated from the stone in a direction that is mostly perpendicular to the surface, there should be a point above the center of a hemispherical impact crater that intercepts most of the radiation, and is therefore analogous to the focus at Focus Mountain at high noon.

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