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Her in a sentence

It was so like her.
He sat and held her.
Her look said it all.
I try to believe her.
He was at her place.
He was smiling at her.
To buy her a present.

I thought it was her.
And I had to trust her.
She holds out her hand.
I want to read her a.
Then he smiled at her.
He lets go of her hair.
Or maybe to her son's.
He hadn't met her yet.
She went to her knees.
JJ just stared at her.
She did not want her.
I told her that I too.
My heart ached for her.
And her mother came in.
The Colour Of Her Eyes.
Alan just looked at her.
She wanted her home back.
No? I wouldn't hurt her.
Daniel came to her side.
We owe her a great debt.
That He was healing her.
Her smile fades a little.
I seen her do it before.
Berndt gave her a figure.
It was her biggest worry.
Where is her mother now?
Well, Jacqui is her aunt.
God raised her from the.
I did my best to be her.
I laid my hands upon her.
John looks at her askance.
He laughs at her comment.
Theo stared into her eyes.

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