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Hillocks in a sentence

1. Some hillocks were turned into islands.
2. But he soon forgot it as more men slid from the hillocks around them.
3. And so they moved between the thorns, across dongas, sandy plains and over rock strewn hillocks.
4. As a result the enemy became bolder, hopping their swift planes over hedges and hillocks to harass us.
5. I dragged my load for another couple of kilometres until I found some hillocks adjacent to a dirt road.
6. Without waiting for any response, Simon broke the connection with Johan and strode up the hillocks towards Gelahn.
7. One tank had slowly, hesitatingly come through between those hillocks, stopped, turned a bit towards me, stopped again.

8. There was one who lived here who had come from Russia, he always would ride up the mounds (he called the mounds so funnily, "hillocks").
9. The place where they fell was marked only by little heaps of snow along the wayside, covering their bodies like the hillocks in the churchyard.
10. Beyond this, land stretched out, forming hillocks and small valleys, all of it leading in the distance to the most beautiful city he had ever seen.
11. But there were so many hillocks and banks to climb and pass, that, at length, I began to be weary, and told her we must halt, and retrace our steps.
12. Little hillocks heaped in the foreground are covered with half-melted snow, and the sun, red in the midst of a leaden sky, is seen dying and threatening through the clouds.
13. He likes nothing better than to roam amongst the hillocks and divots on his estate, beating off ramblers with a stick who bloody well believe they have a right to walk around his castle grounds.
14. I remember something, too, of the green grave-mounds; and I have not forgotten, either, two figures of strangers straying amongst the low hillocks and reading the mementoes graven on the few mossy head-stones.
15. She always went by way of the swamp; it was a lovely place—a boggy soil, green with the greenest of mossy hillocks; a silvery brook meandered through it and spruces stood erectly, their boughs a-trail with gray-green mosses, their roots overgrown with all sorts of woodland lovelinesses.
16. But there were so many hillocks and banks to climb and pass, that, at length, I began to be weary, and told her we must halt, and retrace our steps, I shouted to her as she had outstripped me a long way; she either did not hear or did not regard for she still sprang on, and I was compelled to follow.
17. The numerous islands rested on the bosom of the Horican, some low and sunken, as if embedded in the waters, and others appearing to hover about the element, in little hillocks of green velvet; among which the fishermen of the beleaguering army peacefully rowed their skiffs, or floated at rest on the glassy mirror in quiet pursuit of their employment.
18. As soon too as she felt him at home as he could reach, she lifted her head a little from the pillow, and turning her neck, without much straining, but her cheeks glowing with the deepest scarlet, and a smile of the tenderest satisfaction, met the kiss he pressed forward to give her as they were thus close joined together: when leaving him to pursue his delights, she hid again her face and blushes with her hands and pillow, and thus stood passively and as favourably too as she could, whilst he kept laying at her with repeated thrusts and making the meeting flesh on both sides resound again with the violence of them; then ever as he backened from her, we could see between them part of his long white staff foamingly in motion, till, as he went on again and closed with her, the interposing hillocks took it out of sight.

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