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Himalaya in a sentence

1. Maybe he could go away for a while; join a commune or go trekking in the Himalaya maybe.
2. Along the Himalaya, at points 900 miles apart, glaciers have left the marks of their former low descent; and in Sikkim, Dr.
3. The occasional reports I see in the Readersein about the Himalaya and the Yeti specifically speak volumes for what you are achieving, Karal.
4. On a visit to one of the more unstable areas of the Himalaya, the Ambassador and her entourage were caught up in an avalanche caused by flash floods.
5. Amongst us you will not meet with any of those episodes with which your adventurous existence has so familiarized you; our Chimborazo is Mortmartre, our Himalaya is Mount Valerien, our Great Desert is the plain of Grenelle, where they are now boring an artesian well to water the caravans.
6. On the Himalaya, and on the isolated mountain ranges of the peninsula of India, on the heights of Ceylon, and on the volcanic cones of Java, many plants occur either identically the same or representing each other, and at the same time representing plants of Europe not found in the intervening hot lowlands.
7. During this, the coldest period, the lowlands under the equator must have been clothed with a mingled tropical and temperate vegetation, like that described by Hooker as growing luxuriantly at the height of from four to five thousand feet on the lower slopes of the Himalaya, but with perhaps a still greater preponderance of temperate forms.

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