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Himalayas in a sentence

1. I’ve trekked in the Himalayas.
2. That melted the snow in the Himalayas.
3. Himalayas – the mountain of the Gods.
5. Himalayas and manifest all kinds of things without.
6. Hiking in the Himalayas and rowing across the ocean.
7. It grows naturally in the foothills of the Himalayas.

8. When I travelled in the Indian Himalayas I met a German guy.
9. Indian Himalayas that serves as a capital for the more than a.
10. Fast, you say; people leap the Himalayas, flop in their graves.
11. Goji berry: These berries from the Himalayas are truly remarkable.
12. Sivananda was in the Himalayas, but the energy still passed to him.
13. Meanwhile, the plane landed somewhere in the Himalayas, I believe.
14. This garden is on a southern slope of the Himalayas, overlooking a vast.
15. Himalayas, the room with many windows, that overlooks the gardens and the.
16. The Himalayas and the Andes were hills to these giants and still we climbed.
17. He and Jay would take the body to the Himalayas and wait for the Paras to come.
18. This picturesque place is located between two lakes at the foot of the Himalayas.
19. I was thinking the Himalayas, but they said no, there were four seasons each year.
20. Tea of the mountain mists, grown in the foothills of the Himalayas at elevations over 5000.
21. The base is in the tropics and the climate is not that dissimilar to the Himalayas on Earth.
22. But these summits could have belonged to mountains as high or even higher than the Himalayas or Mt.
23. In 2005 David returned his attention to the Himalayas with a thriller entitled The Sky Over Everest.
24. A land of great contrast, you can also find sub-tropical pine forests, pine forests and the Himalayas.
25. Ever since attending high school in the Indian Himalayas at the age of fourteen, Lars has been an avid backpacker and traveler.
26. The Walf, aka Karl Jaeger, was now the Silver Triads leader, living inside the peak of the highest mountain in the Himalayas.
27. This is likely only in areas where bees are dependent on a single plant source, as with dense stands of rhododendrons in the Himalayas.
28. I strolled along with Lune looking at the countryside, starting at the sheer majesty of the surrounding mountain peaks of the Himalayas.
29. We are actually going to spend much of our time in Lhasa but will travel beyond there many miles into the highest parts of the Himalayas.
30. Cedars (Cedrus), originally from the Mediterranean and Himalayas, the true cedars are large, spreading, scented evergreens with erect cones.
31. The scenery changes from desolation to abundant green, and at ease with ourselves, we successfully complete our descent from the Himalayas.
32. But it’s also there when I remember the mountains I’ve crossed in the Himalayas and think of the beautiful landscapes that lay below me.
33. He decided that this was no way to end the journey of a lifetime, and caught a flight back to the Himalayas, although he kept far away from Kathmandu.
34. It followed me from the Himalayas because it didn't want me to know what I know about the Valley of the Winds where it gathers and plans its destruction.
35. It followed me from the Himalayas because it didn't want me to know what I know of it, the Valley of the Winds where it gathers and plans its destruction.
36. The place selected is a small plateau surrounded by low hills, which lies on the northern side of the Himalayas, not far from the frontier of Nepal, and.
37. There was a colorful LCD display at the front door, which usualy plays the movies depicting the scenic beauty of Himalayas on mute for us at trips like this one.
38. Hooker from the same species growing at different heights on the Himalayas, were found to possess in this country different constitutional powers of resisting cold.
39. Their base was high up in the Himalayas, in reality a small city carved out inside the mountain, and undetectable, not that there was much of anybody nearby to detect them.
40. This is contrary to the situation on earth, and accordingly, can the greatest desert or the mountain range of the Himalayas have any influence upon either your life or your spirit?!.
41. I studied the mountains, they rivalled the Himalayas and because I was bound to protect her, I told her that she could not breathe the air that high because it was too thin for human beings.
42. The mighty Indus River, which flows from the Himalayas down through KPK and Punjab to Karachi and the Arabian Sea, and of which we are so proud, had turned into a raging torrent and burst its banks.
43. The belief is that the ancient Indian sages of the Himalayas knew that each soul recorded every moment of its existence in a ‘book,’ and that if one attuned oneself then one could read that book.
44. During this time, Siddhartha Gautama, or Buddha, was a prince of India and a sage of the Shayas (sage-king), a group of religious ideology, thought, and government formed in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal.
45. In India the banks of the Ganga, the Jumna and the Kaveri are extremely favourable for the practice of Pranayama, Rishikesh (Himalayas), Brindavan, Varanasi, Uttarakashi and Ayodhya are all very nice places for the purpose.
46. Much as I applauded Mark’s sentiments on reaching the giddy heights of the Vaudag Gecidi, whatever that was, I wasn’t quite sure if this would necessarily mean the Himalayas would similarly crumble at our awesome hill climbing technique.
47. Those people, who seemed to have mysteriously disappeared from the face of the earth, had, in fact, been taken from their homeland and family, transported to the secret hideaways in the Himalayas, and prevented from contacting the outside world.
48. Someday you might be able to print your own custom-fit blue jeans without leaving your house, while remote villages in the Himalayas will be able to download patterns from the cloud and print tools, water pumps, school supplies—anything they need.
49. Cold winters with the thermometer mercury shrivelled to nothing had always been a sore point with the CSIS Director who had never forgotten the fact he had been born in the West Bengal resort town of Darjeeling in the Lower Himalayas where the weather was.
50. The letter was from New York with a check for thirty dollars in it for a story I had just sold to Bizarre Tales, about a man who feared the wind that had followed him around the world from the Himalayas and now shook his house late at night, hungry for his soul.
51. According to this legend (Mahabharata, Vishnu Purana, Vayu Purana), when the deity of Aditya the Daksha performs a sacrifice to the Himalayas, having invited to a feast all the gods, except Rudra-Shiva, the last with his "horde" arranged pogrom and destroy the victim, and agrees to restore it only when he will receive a share due to him.
52. I see plainly the Himalayas, Chian Shahs, Altays, Ghauts,.
53. Located in a picturesque valley very close to Darjeeling town, Badamtam offers a beautiful view of Mount Kanchenjunga in the Himalayas and is synonymous with exquisite quality,.

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