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Incontinent in a sentence | incontinent example sentences

  1. Incontinent was her rejection.
  2. An aged, incontinent human, living alone, will eventually.
  3. The staff would think him incontinent, but as long as it fooled Hollowcrest.
  4. For they fill themselves with that which is not substantial, and the part of themselves which they fill is also unsubstantial and incontinent.
  5. It was then that Karmazinov finally consented to read Merci (until then he had only tantalised them by his hesitation) and so eradicate the very idea of victuals from the minds of our incontinent public.

  6. While the urethra tube she was wearing, connected to a flexible bag strapped to her inner left upper leg, would collect and safely store away up to a pint of urine, nothing could handle the problem of having to defecate while in a spacesuit, nothing except a simple diaper of the type used by adult incontinent patients.
  7. How much of this list was due to the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and how much was confounded by the overwhelmingly elderly population it described? Were the eighty-year-olds incontinent because they had Alzheimer’s or because they had eighty-year-old bladders? Perhaps these 3s wouldn’t apply to someone like her, someone so young and physically fit.

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