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Incorrigibly in a sentence | incorrigibly example sentences

  1. Incorrigibly precocious adolescents.
  2. He remained infectiously, incorrigibly cheerful.
  3. My language, even when praying him at breakfast to give me butter, would be incorrigibly noble.
  4. Pedrito, the younger, incorrigibly lazy and slovenly, had drifted aimlessly from one coast town to another, hanging about counting-houses, attaching himself to strangers as a sort of valet-de-place, picking up an easy and disreputable living.
  5. JOHNSON: Does the doctrine of endless punishment harmonize with the fundamental principles underlying God’s government that the hopelessly wicked, the incorrigibly wicked, shall be blotted out? Trace his dealings with the nations through the centuries.

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