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Incrementally in a sentence | incrementally example sentences

  1. It works only incrementally.
  2. They are incrementally oriented.
  3. It was because the whites managed to commit these genocides incrementally.
  4. The video makes this clear and also offers helpful ideas on how to incrementally.
  5. Nowhere else in civilization; before or since, has this happened: except incrementally.

  6. But this knowledge is only used and applied incrementally, segmentially, and hierarchically.
  7. Environmentalists look at the destructive effect civilization has on the Earth incrementally.
  8. The typical progression for technology is to grow incrementally up to a plateau, then leap to the next level.
  9. The few times and places any actual improvement was tried incrementally: it succeeded beyond all expectations.
  10. Because of the split-up condition of the human psyche people do not even change except incrementally, without noticing the change.
  11. Lay out a path number 12, and here’s where we start to deepen of actions that ask incrementally more and are the tribe mentality.
  12. It is so devious and so cowardly: it is done in secret: it is done incrementally; it is done a teeny bit at a time so it won’t be noticed.
  13. These companies are becoming incrementally better businesses, but the market has not caught up with the fact that they're incrementally better.
  14. Science has tried to take that a step further by complementing belief with extrapolation, and like an inchworm is moving incrementally forward by trial and error.
  15. Environmental activist groups are one of the few incremental organizations that try to look at what effect civilization has on the Earth, but they do it incrementally.

  16. Luckily for us things worked out, but in hindsight it would have been wiser to incrementally increase our bond holdings over the last five years leading up to retirement.
  17. Financial risks can be addressed by judiciously choosing strategic partners and by investing incrementally in infrastructure, in a way that minimally penalizes future expansion.
  18. They look at some incremental effects it has in some incremental areas, on some incremental species by taking increment samples… or samples in increments… or incremental sampling of the incremental environment they are incrementally studying.
  19. If a company sinks most of this money in other businesses that earn low returns, the company's overall return on retained capital may nevertheless appear excellent because of the extraordinary returns being earned by the portion of earnings incrementally invested in the core business.
  20. When people become alienated-isolated-insulated from each other, forced into antagonistic and competitive roles, when they interact only on levels of abstraction, when they become strangers, enemies to each other, when they live in a social atmosphere of fear and unconnectedness: then no healing can happen except incrementally.
  21. Everyone missed how, at first, he only maintained his altitude, but then, gradually, as he kept flying further south, with his right wingtip only feet from the vertical rock wall, inch by inch, he desperately scratched back up to be level with the cliff top, with every foot he gained taking him into incrementally stronger lift.
  22. How the smallest bit of power, wealth, status, or knowledge can corrupt anything… incrementally, slowly, insidiously… until it is so corrupt, so unrecognizable, that today anyone can turn on their television sets and watch Christian ministers blaring out the messages of hate and intolerance, screaming at people that they actually can become rich… by following the teachings of Christ.
  23. If an entire American Nation can be hoodwinked by the Media for two years by having a news blackout; through the idiotically simple ploy of focusing upon one news ‘story’ as incrementally unimportant as Monica Lewinsky… and then turn around and have a news blackout of the entire illegality of the stolen Presidential Election, and then have an even larger censoring blackout of the illegality and corruption of two years of Bush’s reign in office including the news blackout of the entire World’s opinion and attitude towards Bush’s power-military dictatorship… by bringing up yet again Clinton’s memoir of Monica Lewinsky… What happened in the rest of the world; during those years when there was no news except this one ludicrous scandal?

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