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Instrumentals in a sentence

but I love instrumentals that use fuse together.
Most karaoke songs are on CDGs which will automatically pause for instrumentals and changes in tempo.
Tonight’s music was swing, and it seemed to me that the boozy sound of the old instrumentals was putting the customers in a very nice mood.
To the astonishment of a crowd expecting the next Merseybeat sensation, The Dakotas proceeded to play a series of those tame instrumentals, complete with choreographed steps, just like The Shads.
I read later that Brian Epstein had recruited this bunch of Mancunians, who had previously played guitar instrumentals in the style of The Shadows’ “Apache” and “The Frightened City,” and got them to brush their hair forward in the voguish style and back up his new Liverpudlian star, the way The Shadows did with that other “Living Doll,” Cliff Richard.

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