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Jeanne in a sentence | jeanne example sentences

  1. I think that it is Jeanne who has it.
  2. They took their leave of Jeanne and rode off.
  3. Jeanne nodded her head slowly at those words.
  4. Jeanne smiled with amusement and looked at him.
  5. I will be happy to become Jeanne d’Orléans.

  6. It is nothing compared to yours, Sister Jeanne.
  7. Jeanne didn’t waste her time during those weeks.
  8. Jeanne nodded her head while inspecting the façade.
  9. It was such a sad sight, Jeanne Martin recalled.
  10. Jeanne, who seemed to be still disoriented, returned his smile.
  12. Cato, nor stoned like Stephen, nor burned alive like Jeanne d'Arc.
  13. During his world tour for HIStory, he married Deborah Jeanne Rowe.
  14. Can you prepare a good hot bath for Jeanne and also wash her hair.
  15. Caris and Mair burst out laughing, and then Jeanne recognized them.

  16. I don’t know! Jeanne only said that it was called ‘HERMES’.
  17. Would you like to review my troops before the briefing, Jeanne?
  18. Jeanne answered him with a big smile as she made the bottle cork pop out.
  19. Seeing him approach, Jeanne gave him a big smile while continuing to play.
  20. The workers genuinely loved Jeanne, while she was sad to have to leave them.
  21. While speaking, Jeanne showed a small portrait hooked to a wall of the lounge.
  22. With Jeanne following the servant, Pierre then ended alone in his living room.
  23. Jeanne stood in the doorway, holding a heavy bucket of fresh water, looking.
  24. In 1848, the said Jeanne d’Orléans could not be more than twenty years old.
  25. A few seconds were enough for her to see that Jeanne was not a virgin anymore.

  26. Jeanne, at thy mirror thou deckest thyself! One fine day, my heart flew forth.
  27. Jeanne also proved to be singularly useful around the plantation and to Pierre.
  28. Gone was Jeanne Rousselier, dead over thirty years ago somewhere in the Acadie.
  29. As the Algerian woman walked away quickly, Jeanne pondered the present situation.
  30. Jeanne was now in a good financial position to create her charitable foundation.
  31. I am afraid that the poor Jeanne could end up being broken by her oncoming loss.
  32. It was a good sign, she thought as they ate, that Jeanne had not recognized them.
  33. Leila, who had gone to buy fresh bread, entered the office on a sign from Jeanne.
  34. Jeanne greeted that news with an obvious satisfaction that surprised her employees.
  35. Pierre listened to two more songs by Jeanne, who played the guitar for her last song.
  36. Sleep came with difficulty for him that night, with images of Jeanne filling his mind.
  37. His heart warmed up as he watched Jeanne sing and play, radiant with beauty and talent.
  38. Pierre smiled to Jeanne, who was now wearing a male set of clothes that ill fitted her.
  39. Thankfully for Jeanne, nobody seemed to pay particular attention to her residence then.
  40. Jeanne obliged him at once and served him the cover story built for her by the Time Patrol.
  41. Once they were all sitting, and with their orders taken by a waiter, Jeanne smiled to Louis.
  42. Jeanne Mance watched Nancy collect both Catherine and Françoise and then leave the hospital.
  43. He examined Jeanne a moment, surprised by her height, before bowing politely to her and Pierre.
  44. At last! Exclaimed happily Jeanne Rousselier as she stared at the brown line on the horizon.
  45. They found Jeanne Leclerc, the French geomatics expert, sitting alone in one of the command chairs.
  46. The teenager, like her friend Jeanne Rousselier, had also signed a marriage contract three days ago.
  47. Mai thanked Charlotte and started eating at once while thinking how lucky she had been to meet Jeanne.
  48. Jeanne returned in the kitchen twenty minutes later, as Mai was sipping with delight a cup of green tea.
  49. Jeanne took care herself of installing the other children, as well as the four spouses of her employees.
  50. Jeanne smiled briefly to them, then activated her headset microphone for the umpteenth time in her watch.
  51. Many guests laughed with Jeanne at Mélanie’s remark, while Thomas Evans shook his head with incredulity.
  52. Lambert admired for a moment Jeanne, who had her back to him and was bent over while picking up something.
  53. Jeanne was presently wearing a splendid aristocrat’s dress, plus a set of jewels that was worth a fortune.
  54. He saw on the small video screen of the panel Jeanne fiddle with the controls of one of the external cameras.
  55. More laughs came out when Agnes Evans, red with embarrassment, fanned herself with one hand on hearing Jeanne.
  56. When she woke up at first light, she said to Jeanne: Your grandsons - do you still have their clothes?
  57. With all her guests now served, Jeanne smiled to Thomas and Agnes Evans, speaking in perfect English to them.
  58. Jeanne Martin, seated in the VIP section of Madison Square Garden, says she watched with horrified fascination.
  59. Michael had two marriages (with Lisa Marie Presley and Deborah Jeanne Rowe, a dermatology nurse) and three kids.
  60. He found Jeanne there, wearing one of her new dresses and playing with brio a piece of music unknown to Pierre.
  61. Dear Mother Mary! Said softly Jeanne Rousselier, touching the crucifix hanging from a chain around her neck.
  62. Jeanne, busy plucking out wild grass, only saw Pierre and the soldiers once they were only a few meters from her.
  63. A few minutes later, the Hubert family and Jeanne Rousselier showed up and were promptly served by Fernand Bonnet.
  64. Pierre and Jeanne stayed together in bed until late next morning, caressing each other and repeatedly making love.
  65. Jeanne arrived soon at an old and decrepit apartment building where Rosette Sans-Soucis and her family were living.
  66. He was however thinking furiously as he kept looking discreetly from time to time at Jeanne, who was eating slowly.
  67. Looking away from Jeanne with difficulty, Closse walked to Nicolas and Marguerite, who greeted him with wide smiles.
  68. Jeanne looked around her with curiosity as the cart transporting her entered a stone fortress through a guarded gate.
  69. Keeping to small talk on the way, Pierre did his best to relax Jeanne by chatting about the town and the local life.
  70. Jeanne was of great assistance in helping clean it, while Monsieur Bonnet is feeding and lodging us in the meantime.
  71. The repercussions of this turn to the right by the government did not take long to make themselves felt around Jeanne.
  72. If not, the busybodies around Saint-François would not hesitate to call a baby born too quickly from Jeanne a bastard.
  73. A small woman in her forties with a distinguished appearance then stepped from behind the governor and smiled to Jeanne.
  74. Jeanne then used the fact that the atmosphere was now fully relaxed to invite her guests to proceed to the dining room.
  75. I am going to the Hôtel-Dieu to temporarily relieve Sister Jeanne Mance, so that she could come and attend this party.
  76. By the expression on Jeanne Rousselier’s face, Françoise could guess that she was in the same predicament as Catherine.
  77. Jeanne, who had tensed up on hearing the name ‘Marquise de Saint-Laurent’, forced herself to keep a neutral expression.
  78. At the moment one of the servants entered with Nekhludoff's card, the soul of Jeanne D'Arc was speaking through the saucer.
  79. Jeanne was now wearing a gown, while her hair was carefully combed and gathered in a horse’s tail at the back of her head.
  80. As a consequence, she had been forced to modify slightly her original cover story for her role as Jeanne de Brissac in 1846.
  81. The first problem came when Sister Jeanne Mance refused to evacuate her hospital, insisting on staying barricaded inside it.
  82. Nancy handed Jeanne her rod only after grabbing with one hand the fishing line, not trusting Jeanne’s strength at this time.
  83. Jeanne d’Orléans got up from her chair the moment Lebaron appeared in the living room, speaking to him in an anxious tone.
  84. Later, as night had fallen, Jeanne left the residence, telling Pierre that she was going to walk through the workers’ houses.
  85. Jeanne was not only still a very good friend of Marilyn’s but had also remained friendly with the Kennedys through the years.
  86. Lieutenant Dupré just told me that your Jeanne happens to be very tall and quite muscular…for a sixteen year-old aristocrat.
  87. Now truly hooked on, Pierre shared an agreeable supper with Jeanne, whose morale seemed to have improved a lot since yesterday.
  88. Mai didn’t ask her where she got such knowledge, instead adding this to the growing list of the surprising abilities of Jeanne.
  89. With her mind in turmoil, Catherine went to help Jeanne Rousselier collect dead wood for their fire, escorted by Nancy Laplante.
  90. On her return trip, Jeanne briefly stopped at the homes of the two men, to start hauling their families’ bags to her residence.
  91. That time with Jeanne finished convincing Pierre that she had received a quality education that only a true aristocrat could get.
  92. The director swallowed hard on hearing the value of the emeralds: Jeanne d’Orléans had just become one of his richest customers.
  93. She then pulled quickly on her line with both hands until she grabbed and threw on the deck the biggest fish Jeanne had ever seen.
  94. When Jeanne casually told him how she had done those repairs, Pierre could only look at her with his jaw wide opened in disbelief.
  95. Jeanne, according to official French documents of the time, married in 1846 in the Guadeloupe Knight Pierre Alphonse d’Orléans.
  96. The real Jeanne de Brissac was sixteen at the time of her fatal trip, was fairly tall for a girl and had black hair and green eyes.
  97. Going back to the carriage gate, Jeanne knocked three times on the pedestrian door, slipping inside as soon as Rémillard opened it.
  98. Maybe her friend Jeanne Martin put it best: I treasure every moment of that film, but without Marilyn it would have been nothing.
  99. The night of May 28, Jeanne d’Orléans officially climbed aboard the three-mast ship CAMARGUE with her luggage and her heavy chests.
  100. Seeing that Pierre was suddenly struck by discouragement, Jeanne went to sit by his side to console him, one arm around his shoulders.

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