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Jello in a sentence | jello example sentences

  1. Jello 1 serving (5 to the pkg.
  2. She moved like she was surrounded by jello.
  3. My legs were jello, my stomach some other.
  4. Mix Jello with 2 cups of boiling water, add fruit & chill until thick.
  5. I could barely open my eyes but I could still see Steve had done a hell of a job with his teeth, as a constant turbulent flow of hot air was shot on his widely grinning face, his teeth clenched as if glued together and the skin around the mouth fluttering away as if someone was trying to slice jello with a jackhammer.

  6. One: Assuming these were your average thieves—male, burly, whacked on angel dust—how was Jenny, a buck ten in heavy boots, supposed to stop them? And two: Who besides Jenny would really want to steal this art—sculptures fashioned from cigarette butts; homoerotic jello molds; a pile of rags in one corner you might mistake for trash? Bruno had one of the world’s great poker faces, but he liked her cheekiness; she could tell by the way his eyes flashed behind the glasses.

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