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Laughably in a sentence | laughably example sentences

  1. Though that seemed laughably impossible.
  2. For a career criminal, he was an almost laughably bad liar.
  3. Her books were almost all later editions, the items all reproductions, some laughably poor.
  4. Seeing the world through the rejuvenated eyes of a man in love, Joseph’s tasks became laughably irrelevant.
  5. Of all the things that he had imagined when he had set out, this was the most unexpected, and quite laughably so.

  6. It had been subjected to thousands of studies, suggesting an almost laughably long list of health benefits, including salutary effects on the following:.
  7. The tender purple bruises on Celeste’s left hip were laughably irrelevant when a doctor stood in front of her saying gently, We think we should intubate.
  8. Compared to simultaneity, the speed of light is laughably slow, but our vibratory speed and synaptic response is what allows us to perceive only physically manifest events.
  9. On our ship we’ve got floating elevators and teleportation rooms, yet the most popular planet in the system can’t afford something better than archaic ladders? It is a laughably inconvenient tool.
  10. Viewed this way, the idea that Maya is evil, that delusion is negative, that the dreamstate is a prison, or that the dualistic universe is anything other than the grandest and most wonderful of all blessings is laughably absurd.
  11. But what was it he had seen? What were all these places, these chambers, with their microscopic realities and their stone cold boundaries? Did we all go about our lives like that ape he had dreamed up, constantly imagining our little microcosms of existence were universes unto themselves? Despite the empirical evidence to the contrary, were these tiny pockets of experience what people actually considered to be real; is this what was meant by reality? It was so laughably limited, yet also thoroughly convincing.

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