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Layoffs in a sentence

1. There's talk of layoffs.
2. And spread the word, Terry: No layoffs.
3. He would never have allowed layoffs in any.
4. Low sales leads to another round of layoffs.
5. What about these layoffs we're hearing about? My.
6. Anyway, I told Smitty that I was not going to accept any more layoffs.
7. One of the most revealing times to observe managers is during layoffs.

8. In contrast to this approach, you will often see a degree of insincerity by CEOs even as they announce layoffs.
9. But I’m still feeling sick about the layoff, our layoffs, when my dad calls and asks if he and Mom can stop by.
10. These are the managers who announce layoffs in order to quickly cut costs the moment their business faces distress.
11. These managers conduct layoffs or firings in an open manner and always disclose the reasons and rationale behind their decisions.
12. The current workers start to become worried and nervous, even though management has assured them that there will be no more layoffs.
13. Shipping jobs off to Third World countries to maximize profits with downsizing or layoffs of American workers smells a bit like 154.
14. This might occur if there are major industry layoffs or if an aircraft, auto, or steel plant that is an important mainstay of a local community closes.
15. Maria heard whispers about layoffs – many of the employees had families and mortgages, which meant that their lives might just become a lot more complicated.
16. Watch out for those management teams that quickly announce layoffs the moment their business encounters a setback, such as a temporary drop in demand for its goods and services.
17. He went to the shop one day and gathered his men together, most of them with families to support or alimony to pay, and announced that, for the first time in history, there would have to be layoffs.
18. These are the write-offs that companies make when they revalue assets, such as inventory, equipment, or other investments they have made, or make provisions for layoffs, plant closings, and the like.
19. Cut the rest of the government in half (except national park service and FBI), and phase the people into the private economy with a trickle down on their government pay as with CIA and Homeland layoffs.
20. For example, Northrop Grumman’s foray into Knowledge Management was the direct result of the downturn of the defense industry in the 1990s and the massive layoffs of employees involved in the design and production of the B2 bomber.
21. Then I spent the first class answering so many awestruck questions, and I turned into such a preening gasbag, such a needy fuck, that I couldn’t bear to tell the real story: the call into the managing editor’s office on the second round of layoffs, the hiking of that doomed path down the long rows of cubicles, all eyes shifting toward me, dead man walking, me still hoping I was going to be told something different—that the magazine needed me now more than ever—yes! it would be a buck-up speech, an all-hands-on-deck speech! But no, my boss just said: I guess you know, unfortunately, why I called you in here, rubbing his eyes under his glasses, to show how weary and dejected he was.
22. A month after the layoffs,.

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