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Lib in a sentence | lib example sentences

  1. He would have to ad lib.
  2. Lib saw the sense of that.
  3. This is ad lib, understand.
  4. You can repeat these swings ad lib but.
  5. Ben’ s wife, Lib, appeared, carrying a toddler.

  6. The first door they knocked on was Lib Wheeler’s.
  7. It was pretty much the signature song of the women’s lib movement.
  8. Hunting Sticks would help out with the script, but it was mostly ad lib.
  9. The prepare target creates the build output directory, which ensures that the lib directory is created.
  10. The package target packages the Java classes created in the compile target into a JAR file in the common lib directory.
  11. His absolute, total, complete dependence on the teleprompter also indicates a lack of intelligence and unwillingness to ad lib or even try to speak impromptu (he really has a good speech writer).
  12. Large earthen ewers of water stood in the enclosure, palms occupied the corners, and on a balcony higher than the rest were the huge bloodstained war drums, decorated with ghastly human remains ad lib.
  13. Which of you women, if falsely accused of heresy, would feel confident about proving your innocence to a court of priests and monks? She looked around, letting her eyes rest on the prominent women of the town: Lib Wheeler, Sarah Taverner, Susanna Chepstow.
  14. As the moment drew to a close and the rush of adrenaline subsided within his body, the reverend was quite satisfied with his explanation which he had conceived ad lib and decided to relegate that to the files in his memory just in case future circumstances should warrant its use again.

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