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Lineage in a sentence | lineage example sentences

  1. The lineage of Christ is.
  2. His lineage earned him respect.
  4. Christ would have a perfect lineage.
  5. We honor your lineage for that great service.

  6. Though, we can trace my lineage back to Texas.
  7. The trace lineage or history of Ra was found in.
  8. They were fortunate in that regard because lineage.
  9. He then revealed to Spock the boy’s lineage, his.
  10. Requested in this way, the encircling lineage Gurus.
  11. I felt that I was a stain on the blemish-less lineage.
  12. My blood may be the proof of my lineage, but without.
  14. Thus the lineage of Antichrist is hidden—or rather.
  15. Jeremiah had lost track of his family lineage, and at.

  16. The first one in her clan’s lineage to attend college.
  17. The first lineage holder of these instructions on Heruka.
  18. Yarlungpa, lord of the whispered lineage of the family of.
  19. But he extolled her lineage, from an ancient clan on Rhodos.
  20. Lineage a line of instruction that has been passed down from.
  21. Understand that, in ancient times, lineage was very important.
  22. I’ve always wanted to know how the vampire lineage began.
  23. But the difficulty was that he belonged to their lineage and.
  24. Tibet as a monk, and the holder of the lineage of pure view and.
  25. The lineage of these teachings, both their oral transmission and.

  26. Lama of the Upper Residence meant that his reincarnation lineage.
  27. My, my, I said, your husband must be from an aristocratic lineage.
  28. The ancestry and lineage of the Buddha are carried through the de-.
  29. We demand that our pigs should be of 100 percent genetic lineage.
  30. Sakya lineage as the dominant political force in Tibet at that time.
  31. From verses 1 & 2 here is what we can conclude about the lineage of.
  32. Some of the names are ones that speak to his lineage such as The.
  33. Good lineage, he replied with a slight, almost indistinct nod.
  34. But from her the lineage of the Elf-lords of old descended among Men.
  35. Interestingly, rats of the same lineage in other areas of the world.
  36. The Gorn trace their lineage through the maternal side of the family.
  37. Apparently, he didn’t find the lineage of Gods an interesting topic.
  38. BIDDY THE CLAP: One immediately observes that he is of patrician lineage.
  39. Rinpoche are the lineage holders of the Gelug Tradition – a spiritual.
  40. When you share a gift of life, you further the lineage of Earth the Giver.
  41. Here then is the true religious identity & lineage of the Antichrist, the.
  42. He resented everything that Derrik was and hid his lineage from the world.
  43. They must always show pride in announcing their names and lineage and feats.
  44. We’re of his direct lineage, why? Gavin said puzzled at her behavior.
  45. He is a nobleman of ancient lineage, and at the same time a Parisian communard.
  46. This realm will, once more, know a kind hand, and your lineage will be no more.
  47. However, people are estimated according to their deeds more than by their lineage.
  48. I will not allow you to adulterate my lineage with your mixed species, bastard.
  49. Also, as stated previously, Lao Tzu had ancestry and lineage cited to be in the army.
  50. Amma and you have a strong musical lineage and hence, an established style of singing.
  51. She wished she could tell him that her dearest friends were descendants of this lineage.
  52. The tattoo was the physical representation that demonstrated my acceptance of my lineage.
  53. However, people are estimated according to their own deeds rather than by their lineage.
  54. Could she have been mistaken in trying to increase the wealth of her lineage by choosing.
  55. Listen to this, your ancestor says that he sought the dead to learn about your lineage.
  56. Source materials have been preserved by the prophet Samuel and the kings to show lineage).
  57. In time she blossomed into such a distinguished performer that her royal lineage had been.
  58. She had grace, honour, lineage and power, but she fell and Mithras has blamed me ever since.
  59. You said that you were turned to carry on the lineage, and together we can have a family.
  60. Deliria, he said, is a Jewess whose psychic and karmic lineage traces to a set of twins whose.
  61. Asmodeus knew I was descended from the Cross lineage, but he smelled something more in my blood.
  62. What does it mean to dwell in the tents of Shem? It is from the lineage of Shem that Abraham comes.
  63. Nothing that we know of in the circumstances of their birth or lineage will explain their appearance.
  64. He placed a curse not just on Phillipe’s family and lineage, but on anyone remotely connected to him.
  65. Brother Francis celebrated the fact that his lineage went back to the time of Christ and the early Church.
  66. The first movements of his morning were of Chinese lineage; now these movements were East Indian in origin.
  67. I had not known that he was a man of Yesathurim lineage, but his residence here echoed loudly of that fact.
  68. Lineage and human migration patterns will indicate this occurrence and provide proof to their age and origin.
  69. Nancy traces back her lineage after the dna test confirms who she really is and then finds out she's pregnant.
  70. Holiness, religious values, noble blood, ancient lineage, peerages: were no longer the basis of social status.
  71. She does not know of your existence or of her royal lineage and she is unaware that she is the Great Sentinor.
  72. Another aspect of his lineage involved Chinese medicine, which went back in time for about five thousand years.
  73. There are some vampires that are still a definite threat to society, and that is why the Waldron lineage exists.
  74. Why should she be the one? The others were as she is, no more, no less, they had royal lineage and royal bearing.
  75. He honored his lineage in a way that wouldn’t get his head chopped off and he continued the blood line in secret.
  76. Within that lineage he also treasured his incorporation into the Salesian family, which dated back to the fifteen hundreds.
  77. It was told to me from Ammon, a faithful servant who’s seen every coronation of royals since the vampire lineage began.
  78. If we have a girl she might come out looking more like a Walden than a Sedlow with such strong lineage as yours seems to be.
  79. Blessed are those who honor the work of these people for they help us remember our spiritual lineage with the Divine Creator.
  80. What good is it though? Given in marriage to one who never looks at me, my lineage makes me an object of property for barter.
  81. His place was taken by a German of Aryan lineage (Carl Schmitt), who took the next logical step and identified the state with one man.
  82. His late wife did not give him children and was disgusted by the idea of leaving this world without heirs who will continue his lineage.
  83. They return the greeting, but only half-heartedly, not wanting to associate themselves with an impure mamzer—a Jew of suspect lineage.
  84. They had just come in from feeding the horses a few apples while Elmore described the lineage of the stallion and the records he had set.
  85. In addition, the Lanviere family lineage had remained unfettered by the dreaded bonds of serfdom, and so, although modest, they were free.
  86. She is supposedly the daughter of a couple of ruined aristocrats of low lineage who were trying to rebuild their fortune in the Guadeloupe.
  87. Once there's no chance of futhering your lineage, Sher will be sole high priestess and will be able to have Marcus for her soul possession.
  88. You must read the scrolls also, for you will learn through these detailed writings all the important details and history of your Aesira lineage.
  89. John Mytton was born on the 30th September, 1796, to a family of Shropshire squires with a lineage going back some 500 years earlier than his day.
  90. But the portraits of their lineage were still displayed at the walls; no noteworthy changes were seen; yet plainly, there was no evidence of dust.
  91. A gift has a lineage of life; lifting her to pick an apple, the old man then swung her onto his back, but when she landed he was now a horse.
  92. While the Emissary told her nothing of great detail about the source of this child, he did assure her that the baby was of noble lineage and bloodline.
  93. Before the acceptance, it is customary for you both to recite your lineage, so that the three estates joined here will know what they are entitled to.
  94. He was a fur trapper in New France, while my mother was an English aristocrat of low lineage that had been captured and reduced to slavery by Huron Amerindians.
  95. Said Vicki's ancestors had fought with the snake in the Garden of Eden, or somebody far back like that--ancient lineage, you know--son-in-law must be impressed.
  96. Well—and this relates to the issue of creationism versus evolution, too—it turns out that mutations are six times more likely to come from the male lineage.
  97. His prominent Asiatic nose which all too clearly I now see shows his lineage comes directly from those hated Asiatic interlopers who ruled over us many years ago.
  98. Of half-black, half-Indian lineage, she was called Carol “Four Sites” Reynolds, or Carol Madison after she’d married his father Dale “White Wing” Madison.
  99. The culture that had once lived here and that must’ve numbered into the many millions had neither been of her ancestor’s lineage or of the Orlandian’s lineage.
  100. Interestingly, rats of the same lineage in other areas of the world also escaped ten times faster, a phenomenon which cannot be explained by any localised instruments.

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