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  1. Now what, she wondered listlessly.
  2. Mathews? asked Bodoni, listlessly.
  3. She wandered listlessly around the.
  4. The moody boy served the beans listlessly.
  5. I don't want to be a priest,' Omi said listlessly.

  6. She watched listlessly as he wrote out a prescription.
  7. Anita had seated herself listlessly in one of the uncovered chairs.
  8. It sat just below me, rotating listlessly among the splintered light.
  9. Next morning in Ekaete’s room, ebele is listlessly PACKING HER things.
  10. One warm morning Grace sat in her bedroom, listlessly looking through a.
  11. They settled lazily into the water and washed listlessly at their flanks.
  12. The puff-ball clouds, dropped by the falling wind, hung listlessly in the sky.
  13. The air was stuffy and stale, listlessly hanging in the room like the feeble light.
  14. Two days following, Anne listlessly watched a few of her servants prepare the area by the.
  15. So it was that the crew sat about listlessly, trying to expend as little energy as possible.

  16. Pharaoh sat upon his throne listlessly twirling the tassel that adorned his scepter while he.
  17. Somehow, Moshe murmured, as he swiped listlessly at the swarm of flies circling his head.
  18. A smaller girl with scars of eczema on her forehead eyed him, listlessly holding her battered caskhoop.
  19. Suddenly something caught his sight: at first he stared at it listlessly, then he sat up and rubbed his.
  20. She listlessly placed her basket and bundle within the dog-cart, and stepped up, and they sat side by side.
  21. Then slowly, listlessly she moved on her own as they mounted the redoubt that had been the hoped-for sanctuary for them—all.
  22. Her father stood on the sidewalk, leaning heavily on his cane, exhaling heavily, the vapors drifting listlessly above his head.
  23. His staff was crowned by an iron spider painted white and red, with the black banner of the Webbers hanging listlessly beneath.
  24. Looking to her sister, Shela saw Fionn fidgeting listlessly with Kearney’s fur, grinding her fingers into the animal’s tough hide.
  25. And these waters I listlessly daily cross, are these the waters he cross'd, As resolute in defeat as other generals in their proudest triumphs?

  26. Alexey Alexandrovitch took no interest in the race, and so he did not watch the racers, but fell listlessly to scanning the spectators with his weary eyes.
  27. She looked listlessly into the yard, thought of nothing, wanted nothing, and when night came on, she went to bed and dreamed of nothing but the empty yard.
  28. Listlessly glancing up and down between the can and razor in his hand and his scraggly image in the mirror, the mute locksmith struggled to make up his mind.
  29. He drifted listlessly down the street and found Jim Hollis acting as judge in a juvenile court that was trying a cat for murder, in the presence of her victim, a bird.
  30. Nikolay Vsyevolodovitch listened inattentively and listlessly with his official smile, and at last even impatiently, and seemed all the time on the point of breaking away.
  31. Pharaoh sat upon his throne listlessly twirling the tassel that adorned his scepter while he reviewed the many disaster-related affairs of State that were presented to him by his grand vizier.
  32. Stedder sat splayed in the shade of his shack, listlessly waving away the irksome dust-flies, when he became aware of a group of near-elders bustling up the street, some from his cadre and others that he did not recognize.
  33. Her light, transparent skirts rose like a cloud about her slender waist; one bare, thin, soft, girlish arm, hanging listlessly, was lost in the folds of her pink tunic; in the other she held her fan, and with rapid, short strokes fanned her burning face.
  34. Al drove listlessly, hunched back in the seat, his hand hooked easily over the cross-bar of the steering wheel; his gray hat, peaked and pulled to an incredibly cocky shape, was low over one eye; and as he drove, he turned and spat out the side now and then.
  35. Sometimes he would cry bitterly, sometimes tear his hair in despair and madly call for help; but generally it happened that the men thus stricken by the gaze of Lazarus began to fade away listlessly and quietly and pass into a slow death lasting many long years.
  36. Tess listlessly lent a hand, and in a quarter of an hour the old four-post bedstead was dissociated from the heap of goods, and erected under the south wall of the church, the part of the building known as the d'Urberville Aisle, beneath which the huge vaults lay.
  37. Annushka went out, but Anna did not begin dressing, and sat in the same position, her head and hands hanging listlessly, and every now and then she shivered all over, seemed as though she would make some gesture, utter some word, and sank back into lifelessness again.
  38. Listlessly Lazarus set foot on the streets of the Eternal City, as though all its riches, all the majesty of its gigantic edifices, all the lustre and beauty and music of refined life, were simply the echo of the wind in the desert, or the misty images of hot running sand.
  39. He lived it down as one lives down every sorrow and every joy; and when in the fulness of time, after a series of years in which he went about listlessly in a soft felt hat and an unsatisfactory collar, he married, it was to Priscilla's capital that he went for his honeymoon.
  40. The night came in, and took up its place there, unconcerned and indifferent; the night which had already swallowed up his happiness, and was now digesting it listlessly; and was ready to swallow up the happiness of a thousand other people with as little disturbance or change of mien.
  41. Stavrogin would have shot his opponent in a duel, and would have faced a bear if necessary, and would have defended himself from a brigand in the forest as successfully and as fearlessly as L—n, but it would be without the slightest thrill of enjoyment, languidly, listlessly, even with ennui and entirely from unpleasant necessity.
  42. While Laurie listlessly watched the procession of priests under their canopies, white-veiled nuns bearing lighted tapers, and some brotherhood in blue chanting as they walked, Amy watched him, and felt a new sort of shyness steal over her, for he was changed, and she could not find the merry-faced boy she left in the moody-looking man beside her.
  43. If wishing is all, what apathy – energy the Play-Doh of the metaphysical speculation, a sea-beached god twiddling counterfactuals for the bemusement of their indifference listlessly flipping probabilities, a mindless fusion of what if's, without adventuring upon any of the steps the stone is burdened with, that drowns the coin's refugees in wells without escape.
  44. Caderousse, then, was, as usual, at his place of observation before the door, his eyes glancing listlessly from a piece of closely shaven grass—on which some fowls were industriously, though fruitlessly, endeavoring to turn up some grain or insect suited to their palate—to the deserted road, which led away to the north and south, when he was aroused by the shrill voice of his wife, and grumbling to himself as he went, he mounted to her chamber, first taking care, however, to set the entrance door wide open, as an invitation to any chance traveller who might be passing.

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