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Liter in a sentence | liter example sentences

  1. With a 2 liter jug.
  2. One liter was found to.
  3. Just to be safe, the suit has a full liter of O2 capacity.
  4. There was an empty bottle of prescription medication and a half liter of vodka next to her.
  5. It was probably extra strong so that our kind could actually get drunk without having to drink a liter of tequila.

  6. The last barrel was on its way down the ramp and Jabul and Shakur had already finished half of one liter of vodka apiece.
  7. He’s still wet, armor half on, stuffing peanut butter into his mouth with a spoon, a liter bottle of Coca Cola open in his lap.
  8. The sad part of it was that the baby delivered promptly after I catheterized her full urinary bladder (more than a liter of urine).
  9. The two big 5000 liter external drop tanks she was carrying, which she had used up to now, were nearly empty and would only cut on her top speed.
  10. Asahi Shimbun: A liter of the water was also found to contain 750 million becquerels of radioactive substances that emit beta rays, such as strontium.
  11. Already an Israeli company called Water-Gen is manufacturing a machine that extracts clean water out of air, and it uses only two cents’ worth of electricity to produce each liter of water.

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