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Literary in a sentence

He too is literary.
Nor any literary reputation.
He started in the literary.
By then, this new literary.
To aid gentleman in literary.
Headed for literary distinction.
Her literary scheme was as follows.

His literary output was prodigious.
At last the "literary quadrille" began.
India during the Jaipur Literary Festival.
His life was marked by unending literary.
Our Literary Review occupies four columns.
Polish up your grammar and literary skills.
You are a literary critic and nothing more.
Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation.
Some claim that it is an anonymous literary.
The gamin is not devoid of literary intuition.
Those are great names for a literary company.
You have moral and literary tastes in common.
That was why a literary witness had to be made.
They had complete collections of literary works.
Each literary production was to be judged upon.
He recalled two literary sayings he had once read.
The symptoms of decline of the overseas literary.
He became active in the literary circles of the.
Nghệ Thuật, an early literary magazine of the.
His rare attemptsat literary criticism have even.
His literary studies at college included Shakespeare.
To learn more about the Project Gutenberg Literary.
But in no way was the LRH literary saga at an end, for.
Earlier, you mentioned about the Greeks’ literary.
The Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation (the.
Good copy is simply communication, rather than literary.
Literary trends within the country, as well as abroad,.

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