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Lithely in a sentence | lithely example sentences

  1. Sicarius rose lithely and returned to his side of the ring.
  2. Rising lithely she came to him, rose on tiptoe and flung her arms about his massive neck.
  3. The woman turned lithely, but before she could run Valeria was on her feet and had caught her arm.
  4. Once Flint was at Oak's possessions he quickly and lithely for someone so large dropped to his haunches.
  5. She jumped lithely to the top of the fire escape two stories up, crouching back into the shadows, waiting.

  6. As Philippe battered the door down, Amy leapt high off the toilet pan and lithely climbed out on the deck.
  7. Wandering lithely through the trees, she came across a graveyard; so overgrown it seemed to seldom hold visitors.
  8. I made my way lithely and effortlessly over rocks and uneven ground to the place I had decided was a ford or wharf.
  9. She yawned again, stretched lithely, and without any show of fear or surprize, shifted to a language he did understand, a dialect of Yuetshi which sounded strangely archaic.

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