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Look in a sentence | look example sentences

  1. I try not to look.
  2. His look was of a.
  3. He gave her a look.
  4. I tried to look calm.
  5. I shot Dorian a look.

  6. I look over the side.
  7. I must look a mess.
  8. I look at the mirror.
  9. I look up at Tobias.
  10. Her look said it all.
  11. Look where it got us.
  12. Have a look at this.
  13. I look old, very old.
  14. Let me have a look.
  15. They look good on ya.

  16. There was a look in.
  17. It was time to look.
  18. He did not look good.
  19. I took a look at my.
  20. I turned to look her.
  21. I look at him sharply.
  22. He did not look back.
  23. Tori gives her a look.
  24. I need to look at him.
  25. The look on his face.

  26. Look at that, will you.
  27. He did not look at her.
  28. I look sideways at him.
  29. They all look his way.
  30. He turns to look at me.
  31. He was afraid to look.
  32. I spun to look at him.
  33. I look out the window.
  34. She took a quick look.
  35. I tried to look non-.
  36. They look at each other.
  37. You had to look deeper.
  38. She didn't look at him.
  39. Lets have a look see.
  40. Look where that got us.
  41. Look at that march, I.
  42. It didn't look so good.
  43. Anne, I know that look.
  44. Let's look at the recap.
  45. He gave me a blank look.
  46. She doesn’t look at me.
  47. I look at him dubiously.
  48. I look over my shoulder.
  49. I look toward the chasm.
  50. And look at us now!.
  51. Is there any to look for.
  52. Look for other ways to.
  53. Look at the ceiling now.
  54. She dare not look round.
  55. She gave him an odd look.
  56. We turned to look at Ish.
  57. She gave him a look of.
  58. They wanted a look at me.
  59. She gave me another look.
  60. Look for the answer in.
  61. You look about her size.
  62. And the look on his face.
  63. He itched to take a look.
  64. He cast a sidelong look.
  65. Look at the mess in here.
  66. Look what it says after.
  67. But I look only at Tobias.
  68. Lets look into Proverbs 2.
  69. Some people never look up.
  70. Ash moved closer to look.
  71. You all look so handsome.
  72. Philip gives Harry a look.
  73. He turned to look at Kay.
  74. I look down at our hands.
  75. A different kind of look.
  76. He refused to look at him.
  77. Look, it's going to happen.
  78. I shall have to look out.
  79. Anna, my dear, look at me.
  80. I look at her enquiringly.
  81. Boys always look for the.
  82. He tried not to look too.
  83. His turn to look perplexed.
  84. Here, take a look at this.
  85. Touching with a deep look.
  86. This sets you up to look.
  87. He smiled at the look of.
  88. I know that look, Heron.
  89. Come on let's have a look.
  90. I’ll look forward to it.
  91. They begin to look around.
  92. He had no need to look up.
  93. Here – have a look for.
  94. Look, look at his nose.
  95. Let's look in the morning.
  96. John doesn’t look at it.
  97. He did not look impressed.
  98. A look she had never seen.
  99. Lets look at the next point.
  100. He did not look me in the.
  1. He was looking at me.
  2. He was looking for me.
  3. I was looking at the.
  4. Jane is looking for me.
  5. You keep looking at me.
  6. No one was looking when.
  7. Desa was looking for you.
  8. I said looking at William.
  9. They were looking at her.
  10. He stood looking at the.
  11. I was just looking at Lea.
  12. He’s looking at you now.
  13. Ashi loved looking at the.
  14. He would be looking for me.
  15. Everyone was looking at us.
  16. She loved looking this way.
  17. Guards looking over the top.
  18. Was looking for his brother.
  19. Laino was just good looking.
  20. Looking up, I was appalled.
  22. You’re looking as a child.
  23. This means looking for the.
  24. Looking down, he felt dizzy.
  25. My brother was now looking.
  26. I started looking at phones.
  27. He lay on his side looking.
  28. I said while looking at them.
  29. Margaret was not looking good.
  30. Looking at us with amusement.
  31. Stop looking at the negative.
  32. Bush keeps looking at the sea.
  33. Others are looking up to you.
  34. Just what he was looking for.
  35. And he was very good looking.
  36. I’m not looking for that.
  37. The future was looking gloomy.
  38. She answers without looking up.
  39. Ive been looking for days.
  40. I however, was looking at him.
  41. I was rather looking forward.
  42. He was looking at news stories.
  43. I could see him looking round.
  44. I was looking after twin boys.
  45. She nodded without looking up.
  46. God is looking for five heroes.
  47. Sam noticed him looking at her.
  48. And I stopped looking for him.
  49. Looking down, with teary eyes.
  50. We left that morning looking.
  51. She's probably looking for her.
  52. I was not looking for anything.
  53. Of history looking at the now;.
  54. He was looking forward to this.
  55. I could see him looking for me.
  56. We're looking at real business.
  57. Without looking, she felt the.
  58. We're looking out for all that.
  59. Looking out to sea, Tom could.
  60. Laino was still looking at her.
  61. She shrugged without looking up.
  62. He’s looking in my direction.
  63. Jesus is a fine looking boy.
  64. He couldn't stop looking at her.
  65. They are looking at the harbour.
  66. Lorna was looking forward to it.
  67. We’re looking for the Mayor.
  68. Pete nodded again, looking dazed.
  69. He was looking at her, hungrily.
  70. He could see them both looking.
  71. I would always be looking back.
  72. I'm not looking forward to that.
  73. She insists on looking her best.
  74. Things were looking pretty grim.
  75. I was looking up at the ceiling.
  76. Suzuki nodded without looking up.
  77. She was looking up at the stars.
  78. He better not be looking up Lea.
  79. She was looking at Casey in fear.
  80. The Colonel looking sombre said.
  81. Looking around again, he went on.
  82. I stood looking out over the room.
  83. Kate said looking at the grass.
  84. Now looking down there onto the.
  85. Without looking up, she answered.
  86. They stand looking at each other.
  87. It wasn’t looking good for him.
  88. He sat there looking out of his.
  89. She was looking for his approval.
  90. Looking about, he saw something.
  91. She couldn't stop looking at him.
  92. The boy must be looking for the.
  93. Ernest was looking for work again.
  94. He was looking out over the city.
  95. That is what you are looking for.
  96. Yes, he said, looking amused.
  97. He did succeed in looking foolish.
  98. He went looking for another drink.
  99. The chief was looking for a castle.
  100. Oh yes, it's looking quite nice.
  1. He looked up at me.
  2. I looked at my hands.
  3. I looked at her eyes.
  4. He looked over at me.
  5. Ava looked up at him.
  6. I looked back at her.
  7. I looked up at the.
  8. I looked back at him.
  9. I looked up at Joseph.
  10. I looked at my watch.
  11. He looked up at Otto.
  12. He looked at the dog.
  13. He looked at me oddly.
  14. He looked at her in.
  15. He looked up at the.
  16. He just looked at me.
  17. He looked over to Eve.
  18. No one looked at him.
  19. She just looked at me.
  20. First he looked up Ava.
  21. The man looked at her.
  22. They all looked at him.
  23. He looked at the floor.
  24. He looked back at ease.
  25. No one looked her way.
  26. He looked at the clock.
  27. Roman looked at the sky.
  28. Alan just looked at her.
  29. I looked at Ish and Omi.
  30. As he looked in their.
  31. He looked at me saying.
  32. He looked at his watch.
  33. I looked closely at him.
  34. I looked up in the sky.
  35. He looked up at Gerald.
  36. He looked for a weapon.
  37. Eric looked at his watch.
  38. He knew before he looked.
  39. Cat looked into his eyes.
  40. They both looked as if.
  41. Fred looked into the box.
  42. I looked around the cell.
  43. We looked at each other.
  44. I looked over at their.
  45. Have you looked at him?
  46. Milo looked at her again.
  47. I looked at some others.
  48. Alex looked awed by her.
  49. I looked around the room.
  50. I looked around at them.
  51. She looked into his eyes.
  52. Bruce looked at his watch.
  53. He looked at her, puzzled.
  54. He looked at me in shock.
  55. She looked at her monitor.
  56. Theo looked to the ground.
  57. The old man looked at him.
  58. He had looked so healthy.
  59. The captain looked at Ava.
  60. Coach Grouse looked at me.
  61. I looked back and around.
  62. She looked like an alien.
  63. She looked askance at him.
  64. He looked at her askance.
  65. He looked at me and said.
  66. Evans looked over at him.
  67. Alice looked at the floor.
  68. Theo looked at his watch.
  69. At this point, I looked.
  70. They all looked down in.
  71. He looked up and saw Son.
  72. He looked at her seriously.
  73. I looked at him dumbstruck.
  74. He looked insulted at that.
  75. I looked at the security.
  76. She looked back to Palman.
  77. A face looked back at him.
  78. She looked at Lady Ashley.
  79. Mama looked up to the roof.
  80. He looked up Tahlmute next.
  81. They never looked at the.
  82. Leah looked directly at me.
  83. He looked at her nervously.
  84. He looked around the room.
  85. She looked sad and guilty.
  86. Sicarius looked up at her.
  87. The rest of us looked at.
  88. Roman looked the other way.
  89. Neither man looked at him.
  90. And then, looked past her.
  91. He looked around the table.
  92. She looked at me and said.
  93. Ali looked puzzled at the.
  94. Oh Jim looked up at him.
  95. I looked around at the guys.
  96. I looked at the clock again.
  97. I looked out of the window.
  98. Saldon looked at his friend.
  100. He looked at her sadly,.
  1. He looks up at her.
  2. He just looks at me.
  3. She looks back at me.
  4. She looks to her side.
  5. She looks to the sky.
  6. He looks so damn hot.
  7. He looks at his watch.
  8. Diane looks back at Mr.
  9. She looks into my eyes.
  10. Loki looks down at her.
  11. It looks like a nest.
  12. God looks on the heart.
  13. Amy looks down at Loki.
  14. Aaron looks to the sky.
  15. It looks a great world.
  16. He looks to be my age.
  17. He looks at the heart.
  18. She looks at the story.
  19. She looks at Crazy Guy.
  20. Looks at his cell phone.
  21. He looks like a rough.
  22. It looks like this: A.
  23. He looks sternly at me.
  24. She looks just like my.
  25. John looks at the canoe.
  26. Loki looks back at Odin.
  27. He looks a bit like me.
  28. He looks out the window.
  29. He looks at me like I.
  30. Kept busy by the looks.
  31. He looks deep into you.
  32. Looks like he will die.
  33. John looks at the table.
  34. The soldier looks at me.
  35. Dean looks up and laughs.
  36. Vince looks to the side.
  37. This looks like the one.
  38. Let me see how it looks.
  39. She looks at the doctor.
  40. The way he looks at you.
  41. She stops and looks down.
  42. Loki looks down in panic.
  43. It looks nice on you.
  44. Enzo looks up to the sky.
  45. None of them looks good.
  46. It looks about the same.
  47. She looks tiny and frail.
  48. Diane D looks at the man.
  49. John looks at her askance.
  50. She looks to be about 25.
  51. He looks down at her hand.
  52. Russ looks out the window.
  53. John looks at the picture.
  54. Andrew looks at the Angel.
  55. She puzzled looks at him.
  56. That looks like a swing.
  57. The looks on their faces.
  58. That looks like it hurts.
  59. Baker looks at the floor.
  60. He looks like a wrestler.
  61. That is how Al looks now.
  62. She looks a lot like Mum.
  63. He just looks like Dave.
  64. He looks out over the sea.
  65. He looks again at the sea.
  66. This is what it looks like.
  67. She looks at him in terror.
  68. By the looks I guessed not.
  69. Kaiten just looks at the.
  70. Loki looks back to Patches.
  71. She looks over at Beatrice.
  72. I wither him with my looks.
  73. He looks at me for a while.
  74. He looks down at his plate.
  75. TK looks down at his hands.
  76. Amy looks across the aisle.
  77. Man looks at the outward.
  78. Paul looks like he is in.
  79. And looks at all he meets.
  80. He looks Ahmed in the eyes.
  81. He looks at the telephone.
  82. Teresa looks at the shells.
  83. Diane D looks at Jonathan.
  84. Marjorie looks at the Pill.
  85. He ignored the looks and.
  86. Dave looks at John askance.
  87. He looks up at the dragon.
  88. John looks around the room.
  89. He looks where her hand is.
  90. The one who looks after me.
  91. He looks at me uncertainly.
  92. She looks back at the table.
  93. It just looks random from.
  94. Amy looks at him, eyes wide.
  95. He looks up; his face blank.
  96. Sarah looks at her watch,.

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