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Loveseat in a sentence | loveseat example sentences

  1. Elle sat on the edge of the loveseat.
  2. A comfy loveseat spoke on first appeal.
  3. Elizabeth led me to a stout couple on the fringed velvet loveseat.
  4. Jonathan sat on the edge of the loveseat opposite Philip, biting his lip.
  5. Next to the loveseat was an end table with a few old books stacked on it.

  6. She stopped herself, dropped her hand, and crossed the room to the loveseat.
  7. Teri slid into the loveseat that sat against the opposite wall from the sofa.
  8. The only place to sit was a single-cushioned loveseat and a plain wooden chair.
  9. She ran her fingertips along the arm of the loveseat, as if she were teasing it.
  10. She had already made herself something, she was sitting on the plush loveseat at the railing.
  11. No need to protect yourself, Jonathan said, grabbing Angela’s hand and walking her to the suede loveseat.
  12. There were old concert posters peeling from the wall, a safe with a stereo sitting on top of it, a loveseat, and some big, uncovered speakers.
  13. She sat in the middle of the loveseat, hands at her sides tapping the seat cushions, legs uncrossed, skirt pulled to her knees and tucked under her legs.
  14. I was already collecting my things when she flopped down on the loveseat, lying on her back with her eyes closed and her unusually long toes pointed to the ceiling.
  15. A minute later, he stood up slowly and shakily and saw Viktoria sprawled on the floor of the terrace next to the loveseat, a crimson stain spreading on her peach blouse.

  16. The first thing they saw was an old-fashioned loveseat with a carved wooden back—the kind that would have had slippery cushions and velvet throw pillows if the upholstery had not been eaten away by time.
  17. Grey snapped as he stopped and, placing his hands on his hips, surveyed the comfortably furnished living room, complete with plush Oriental rugs, overstuffed leather sofa and loveseat, and dark but polished end tables adorned with seashell lamps that seemed somewhat out of place.

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