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Lowlanders in a sentence

It revolutionized how the lowlanders of Holland and the netherlands lived.
Representing the millions of pies they ate in their greed; when the first Dutch lowlanders became rich.
Why Black Peter? Because the Holland lowlanders were Protestants, ruled by a Catholic King who forced them to obey the Holy Church of St.
What surprise is it: that a poor slave who never owned anything, the poor lowlanders who had nothing… should gaze in awe at the first things they actually owned.
The strange non-religious name of this holiday comes from the Middle Ages: when the lowlanders were mostly poor: and just beginning to develop their new culture of protestant prosperity.
From the saltpeter, the black gunpowder the Catholic soldiers used to kill the lowlanders with, and cross themselves intoning the name of St Peter, as they massacred the poor protestants… St.
What surprise is it that Dutch lowlanders; who had been the poorest people in Europe, should come to love their material possession more than anyone else? What surprise is it that that they did not take for granted, every single material object they owned and used? The love of the dead things they owned corrupted them.

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