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Lynn in a sentence

1. Lynn groans and looks at Uriah.
2. But Lynn is doing something else.
3. But Lynn Collins is not real.
4. I avoid his eyes and run after Lynn.
6. She is not my friend, snaps Lynn.
7. Lynn, once again, offered the greeting.

8. Lynn spoke as they all stood up together.
9. But most of all, this is for Lynn and Sue.
10. Bless me! there’s Dent and Lynn in the.
11. Lynn smiles, but it isn’t her usual smile.
12. What? Lynn slaps her fork on the table.
13. And at the eye of the storm was Lynn Coggin.
14. Corporation in 1993 Lynn took up writing and.
15. Lynn, who is sitting on the next bunk, snorts.
16. That’s what Eric says, anyway, Lynn says.
17. Lynn and LaVerne and further back, my son Eric.
18. Lynn narrows her eyes at me, but Marlene grins.
19. Dr Lynn Coggin’s book on the other hand is an.
20. Lynn grabs her tray and storms away from the table.
21. Lynn, Hector, their parents, and Zeke are with her.
22. My goodness, Lynn? Is that still you after these.
23. I didn’t make dessert, as Reg and Lynn brought it.
24. Lynn launches a plastic cup at him, which he deflects.
25. I watch Lynn, Uriah, and Christina by one of the fires.
26. What I want is of little consequence my dear, Bri Lynn.
27. Lynn jabs her finger into the button for the first floor.
28. Dave, Lynn and Tracy for helping out when I reached out.
29. The bailiff of Lynn Grange, Andrew, came to Kingsbridge on.
30. They turned off on the road toward Lynn, Pire told them.
31. God bless his friend Father Ignatius Lynn, SJ for doing that.
32. Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, and several others, but he won't.
33. In some circles they call that a quarter, Mar, Lynn says.
34. Within the arch, the bulky figure of Sir George Lynn, whom Mr.
35. LYNN MITCHELL, University of Houston, Texas: One of the most.
36. Skeletons : Robert Lynn) up to the latest and most technically.
37. The herd was thinned by the time Bri Lynn leapt into the street.
38. Then I pull my hand away and run after Uriah and Lynn and Marlene.
39. Eshton and Lady Lynn, and getting spoilt to her heart’s content.
40. My name is Natasha Kerinsky, and Angellina Lynn was my only child.
41. The doctor purses her lips, and I know that Lynn is as good as dead.
42. I was sitting patiently when Loretta Lynn took the room by storm.
43. Murdo went on: And the farm at Lynn was donated to the priory by.
44. The dowagers Ingram and Lynn sought solace in a quiet game at cards.
45. I even guilt-tripped your sister into handing over a dress, Lynn.
46. Tobias follows me immediately, and Shauna taps Lynn on the shoulder.
47. Dr Lynn Coggin is a retired management consultant and author of the.
48. The doctor approaches Lynn and asks the two Dauntless to set her down.
49. There is plenty of information for her to gather here, Lynn says.
50. Not long ago we met a couple named Steve and Lynn Miller (webetripping.
51. It concerned a landholding of five hundred acres near Lynn, in Norfolk.
52. He then turned his head towards Lynn Tsu to present her to his officers.
53. Lynn leads me to the left side of the room and between the rows of bunks.
54. Uriah sits across from me, with Marlene on his left and Lynn on his right.
55. Rich wanted to go in with his flashlight but Lynn wouldn’t come in with us.
56. With a wave of his hand, the man-child dismissed Bri Lynn from speaking further.
57. This is not an attack out of nowhere, unprovoked, says Lynn, scowling at her.
58. LaVerne was not as vain, maybe because she was always more of a tomboy than Lynn.
59. Harold Koplewicz from NYU and then to my House colleague from Michigan Lynn Rivers.
60. The boy watched her approach and stopped with his dog just before Lynn got to them.
61. Lynn Hoffman (1972) has pointed out that mastery of fears is not encouraged in girls.
62. Lynn shifts her weight from one foot to the other, her eyes flicking around the room.
63. All eyes turned to Lynn Tsu, who still had tears on her face but had raised her head.
64. I get up and follow Uriah to the end of the hallway, where Marlene and Lynn are waiting.
65. Hinckley gives them hope by writing that he is in a relationship with a woman named Lynn.
66. It’s strange to see Lynn with a sister—to see Lynn with a connection to someone at all.
67. Indeed, on Thursday morning, word raced through the office that Lynn had filed with the EEOC.
68. Even our political leader, Senior Administrator Lynn Tsu, goes in the waiting line to be served.
69. Yeah, and what? Acted all faint every time something scary came around? Lynn rolls her eyes.
70. Lynn, must have had a premonition about his future vocational choice when then named him Ignatius.
71. Lynn snapped her head on hearing the boy’s question, looking up at her mother with imploring eyes.
72. Bri Lynn and the soldiers crowded around them, helping them pull, grabbing whatever they could hold.
73. The rest of us laughed at Lynn but she really did have a fear of heights and to her, it wasn’t funny.
74. Lynn is probably still at Shauna’s bedside, hoping Shauna can move her legs when she wakes up again.
75. Uriah had been friends with Lynn and Marlene as long as I’d known them, and now both of them are dead.
76. Everything about the scenery Lynn Tsu was now examining avidly spoke of natural beauty and fertile land.
77. Which explains why Lynn, Barney, and Ken were absent… Why haven’t I heard anything about this?
78. Lynn goes silent, like she recognizes that as a spark of brilliance but can’t bring herself to admit it.
79. With a jolt of panic, she looked through the open doorway; across the hall, Lynn was no longer at her desk.
80. As the doors of their cabin opened into the luxurious reception lobby of the tower, Ann smiled to Lynn Tsu.
81. If there’s a faction left after all this is over, Lynn says, piling her mashed potatoes onto a roll.
82. Lynn rolls her eyes, and he hurries on, probably to avoid hearing Lynn’s Divergent conspiracy theory again.
83. Born Megan Mills in Rochester in 1983, she moved with her parents to King’s Lynn in Norfolk when she was ten.
84. Lynn told me they host monthly debates here, for entertainment, and also hold religious services here once a week.
85. Thanks too to our talented researchers Ingrid Taylar and Lynn Colomello, and to Mary Jordan, aka the Control Tower.
86. As they lifted me into the ambulance, I watched the fear and the grief on the faces of Helen and Lynn and LaVerne.
87. With her eyes now fixed on the dog, Lynn abandoned her sand castle and toys and got up, walking to meet the boy and his dog.
88. I had stored my clothing and personal effects in the basement of Lynn House, but had no intention of living again in a dorm.
89. Caris had also seen the incriminating document that gave Lynn Grange to the priory on condition Thomas was accepted as a monk.
90. Behind him, Bri Lynn was trying to convince the stubborn Theodorous to remove his armor and choose which weapon he loved the best.
91. There, one can enjoy the pleasure of feasting on salmon freshly caught from the cold and sometimes frozen waters of Lynn Canal and.
92. She was intrigued by a deed dated 1327 which assigned to the monks the large farm near Lynn, in Norfolk, that they called Lynn Grange.
93. Once word reached the coast of what had happened in Loch Lynn Heights, the Committee might perhaps redouble their efforts to catch us.
94. Lynn Tsu then stopped walking, forcing the whole group to stop in the middle of the hallway they were following, and looked somberly at Ann.
95. Lynn didn’t have to be told twice and quickly knelt in front of the exuberant dog, who started licking at once her face, making her laugh.
96. The stench of feces, urine and garbage mixed together and covering the streets was at once overwhelming, making both Nina and Lynn grimace.
97. In interviews with friends of Anna Lynn Hurd, several bystanders did report having physically intervened during her boyfriend’s public meltdowns.
98. But, trudging along in his suit of full mail, Theodorous and his battle axe kept the road open for Bri Lynn and the rest of the soldiers to follow.
99. Marlene, however, glares at Lynn, leans over, and kisses Uriah firmly on the mouth, her fingers sliding around his neck, under the collar of his shirt.
100. Nevertheless, Bri Lynn was ready to disarm her mentor should he suddenly realize that the honor of their order had been put to question by an assassin.

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