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Managements in a sentence

The appraisal of managements is, indeed, difficult.
Entrenchment is normally very important for managements.
Wars against corporate managements take time, energy and money.
Primacy of the Income Account and the Appraisal of Managements.
We provide a framework for appraising managements in Chapter 11.
We do not imply that corporate managements are not to be trusted.

Also, the popularity of IPOs has resulted in dedicated managements.
Bad managements are, in our view, easier to spot than good managements.
Managements can and do create wealth by acting as opportunistic investors.
Most managements do not view outside stockholders either as allies or as adversaries.
The normal academic assumption is that, managements work in the best interests of stockholders.
Acting as a majority they can hire and fire managements and bend them completely to their will.
The view of businesses as pure going concerns has led to appraising managements only as operators.
Good managements produce a good average market price, and bad managements produce bad market prices.
Graham was particularly mistrustful of executives (he did not like to visit managements for this reason).
For better or worse, we would opt for managements more interested in creditworthiness than enhanced ROE.
Moreover, under the influence of this view market participants tend to appraise managements only as operators.
There's way too much capital, too little differentiation and way too many managements doing the same dumb things.
That managements do not tend to work primarily in the best interests of all stockholders has been pointed out by John K.
Given this, the managements tend to be nonpromotional, and at times, hardly interested at all in what Wall Street thinks.
We want to see not only whether managements are honest with shareholders but also whether they’re honest with themselves.
The best OPMIs can hope for is that there is a distinct bent by individual managements toward the communities of interest side.
He does not believe in speculating that an underperforming company will be taken over, because most managements resist selling out.
Evaluations have to look at companies and managements not only as operators of going concerns, but also as investors and financiers.
The managements of both Litton and Ingalls knew from the start that they had bitten off far more than they could chew and/or swallow.
Document preparation has been left largely to investment bankers, practicing lawyers, accountants, and members of corporate managements.
It is an untrue and misleading myth that companies seeking acquisitions—for example, Leasco—look for companies with bad managements.
Many corporate managements and activists have become far more oriented toward short-run results than is really productive for the economy.
In the past the dividend policy was a fairly frequent subject of argument between public, or minority, shareholders and managements.
And there are times when managements want what most outside stockholders want—for example, a high price for the company’s common stock.
Rather, all financial relationships, including those between managements and OPMIs, combine communities of interest and conflicts of interest.
On comparatively rare occasions, managements resort to padding their income account by including items in earnings that have no real existence.
Managements will tend to be judged by their ability to improve margins, increase sales, organically grow the business, reduce costs, and so on.
As we explain in Chapter 7, a strong financial position—that is, being creditworthy—gives managements options they would not have otherwise.
Superior managements seem to focus on the same things a value investor focuses on as a buy and hold investor, that is, long-term wealth creation.
But what has happened is there has been a great pressure put upon the managements of many of these companies to enhance or improve their earnings.
Given their druthers, most managements not seeking near-term access to equity markets probably would opt for the long-term view of wealth building.
But if managements talk more about the stock price than about the business, warns Robert Torray of the Torray Fund, we’re not interested.
On the contrary, managements have always insisted that they have no responsibility of any kind for what happens to the market value of their shares.

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