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  1. It’s the mathematician in me.
  2. God is the greatest Mathematician.
  3. She was a brilliant mathematician.
  4. An odd aptitude for a mathematician.
  5. The challenge to any mathematician is to.
  6. I fancy that he was a strong mathematician.
  7. Pythagoras, the great mathematician, father of modern.
  8. He was a mathematician and physicist without peer and.
  9. Apparently it originated with the French mathematician, Poincare.
  10. He lived to be 83 years old and was a mathematician from a very.
  11. Gifted mathematician, gifted in the literary arts, gifted in the.
  12. The Cat goes to school, got very good grades and became a mathematician.
  13. You don't have to be a first-rank mathematician to recognize first-rate.
  14. Over 2,100 year ago: a Grek mathematician and engineer and inventor was born.
  15. Like those figure-eight ribbons, cut and pasted by that dear mathematician A.
  16. The philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras (580? - 500 BC) believed that numbers.
  17. He shakes his fist, and speaks out loudly: "It's that vandal mathematician again!".
  18. Did you ever read the story of John Nash, a famous mathematician who suffered from.
  19. One of Reuben’s electronics experts was a mathematician who had recently graduated from.
  20. Sir Isaac Newton, the 17th century British mathematician and scientist, took the other route.
  21. The mathematician Tarsky had been a friend of my parents, and he came to visit her in Seattle.
  22. Some mathematician has said that enjoyment lies in the search for truth, not in the finding it.
  23. It was an aspect of the Greek psyche that was not altogether apparent in her Greek mathematician.
  24. Donna reads and manipulates DNA sequences, much in the same way as a mathematician does calculus.
  25. The dialectician is as much above the mathematician as the mathematician is above the ordinary man.
  26. Then, to Scott: "Fuck the variables huh? You would have made a shitty mathematician, you know that?".
  27. Piere de Fermat (1601-65) was a French mathematician, a founder of probability theory and number theory.
  28. The riddle of the universe can be solved only by knowledge of the Greatest Mathematician through intuition.
  29. A very clever mathematician, he is, and interested in much the same aspects of computer science as myself.
  30. Like her father, she was also a clever mathematician, although had not specialised in computer science as he had done.
  31. I take it, said Sir Robin when he had closed the door, that Ernie Stevens is a mathematician by specialisation.
  32. He read that in 1579 the British mathematician Edmund Gunter had invented a land surveying chain that was 22 yards long.
  33. He continued with Fall of Man in Wilmslow, a historical novel about the English mathematician and code-breaker Alan Turing.
  34. Fifteen miles; I didn't need a mathematician to tell me that to stand any chance of getting my flight, I needed another lift.
  35. Danish mathematician who set out, with a class of his graduate students, to prove the veracity of the concept of global warming.
  36. But what can you do with it? Marie, a brilliant mathematician and physicist, set herself to working out the medical application of radium.
  37. The situation is suggestive of Samuel Johnson's horse: A horse that can count to ten is a remarkable horse-not a remarkable mathematician.
  38. Marjory was a brilliant mathematician and would have had a bright future if Roleston hadn't insisted on her playing the 'hausfrau' for him.
  39. Salutations and adorations to that Greatest Mathematician! Salutations to the Lord of the Universe! May He soon open our inner eyes of intuition!.
  40. Chalabi is one of the more bizarre figures of recent years, a mathematician raised in the west who is wanted for bank fraud and embezzlement in Jordan.
  41. Russian mathematician Igor Shafarevich observes in his book The Socialist Phenomenon that socialism has existed throughout history in one form or another.
  42. According to the mathematician, Archimedes, by using a lever that is strong and long enough and by having a stable place to stand, you have the ability to move the world.
  43. Near the end of the 4th and beginning of the 5th centuries, Christian mobs burned the famed Library of Alexandria and slayed Hypatia, an early female mathematician and teacher.
  44. The late great mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot was hired by the Egyptian government to create a mathematical model of cotton prices—the main agricultural export of that country.
  45. And Jan Kalensa, also a Doktor, is a mathematician who has studied certain theories of calculating the acceleration of certain other things that Doktor Karol Priaskenie is interested in.
  46. He reaches back to Blaise Pascal, the great French mathematician and theologian (1623–1662), who created a thought experiment in which an agnostic must gamble on whether or not God exists.
  47. The fact is; the actual truth about where our Universe came from and how it emerged has been staring every mathematician in the face ever since the mathematical symbol for Infinity was first invented.
  48. He kept laughing sarcastically, he demonstrated, and at last contemptuously ceased to demonstrate, like a mathematician who ceases to prove in various ways the accuracy of a problem that has already been proved.
  49. That is one of the interesting things…I don’t think I knew anything about Rene Descartes prior to the first psychosis, as far as I can recall, although I had some vague recollections that he was a mathematician.
  50. What do you mean? I said; the prelude or what? Do you not know that all this is but the prelude to the actual strain which we have to learn? For you surely would not regard the skilled mathematician as a dialectician?
  51. While drinking with the carters, smoking, and singing coarse songs on the preceding evening, he had devoted the whole of the time to observing the stranger, watching him like a cat, and studying him like a mathematician.
  52. Rene cartesius Descartes (l650), mathematician, physicist and philosopher who is the founder of rationalist philosophy, the doctrine that say reality has a logical structure, and accessible to deductive reasoning and proof.
  53. The origins of modern option pricing theory are most often ascribed to the year 1900, when French mathematician Louis Bachelier published The Theory of Speculation, the first attempt to use higher mathematics to price option contracts.
  54. But whence comes all this vast universe of mathematics without a Master Mathematician? Science may expatiate on the conservation of matter, but religion validates the conservation of men's souls -- it concerns their experience with spiritual realities and eternal values.
  55. William D Gann, a mathematician and successful trader in shares and commodities, produced a variant of this, concentrating more on support and resistance levels and the speed of price change, but the explanation is well nigh incomprehensible to anyone with less mathematical expertise.
  56. But Lord Bellars, like most Men, was no canny Mathematician regarding the Natural Cycles of the Fair Sex (and howe’er many Babes he may have begotten—both as Rake and Husband—the very Process still seem’d as obscure to him as those curious Heavens of the Mahometans and Hebrews).
  57. So, as for the late mathematician John Nash in A Beautiful Mind, the hallucinations are still there but no longer controlling our actions; similarly, patients with suicidal ideation can understand that this is a medical symptom and not what it sometimes feels like, an existential call to self-destruction.
  58. Well, Galileo Galilei (1564-1642, an astronomer, philosopher, mathematician, physicist, NFL quarterback—yeah, you know how it goes with these kinds of exceptional dudes), who was known by many as the Father of Modern Astronomy (Hey, Dad!), unfortunately made a huge mistake at the wrong time in the wrong place.
  59. The damp had rendered it friable, and Dantes was able to break it off—in small morsels, it is true, but at the end of half an hour he had scraped off a handful; a mathematician might have calculated that in two years, supposing that the rock was not encountered, a passage twenty feet long and two feet broad, might be formed.
  60. The union of the mathematician with the poet,.

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