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Minding in a sentence

1. It is not worth minding.
2. Minding, I hope, my neglected children.
3. Landa continues to walk, minding her own business.
4. Indeed, far from minding you seem eager to be off.
5. None of them were minding their own business though.
6. He quickly hurried to his feet, not minding his teary.
7. His spirit was surrounding his body and minding what it sees.

8. Stooges, not a couple of guys walking around, minding their own.
9. I? Oh, minding the house—pouring out syrup—pretending to be.
10. At first glance they appeared drunk, but minding their own business.
11. She was minding the house for the neighbors while they were on holidays.
12. In ten years time when he’s UK Sales Director, he won’t be minding.
13. The Kajins were minding their own business, nibbling happily on tree bark.
14. Lorry, not minding him, I really don't know what you have to do with the matter.
15. She almost regretted being so honest last night about not minding getting pregnant.
16. She knew each one of us through and through, never minding that it had been years.
17. Minding the sheep, on a field far away from the farmhouse, where he was most likely.
18. The guy minding the grim reaping machine had stopped and was eyeing us like more trash.
19. Even in the Shire there are some as like minding other folk's business and talking big.
20. We can’t let our guard down, but look! It’s over there, minding its own business.
21. We can’t let our guard down, but look…it’s over there minding its own business.
22. You understand, there’s a big difference between minding the child and kidnapping her.
23. So there I was in Sainsbury’s minding my own business when a sweet old lady bustled up.
24. Herded down to the foot of the hill, the adventurers saw another guard, minding the horses.
25. He minds these facts by his spirit a minding based on witnessing and is beyond all doubts.
26. Yes, I was just hiking in the hills minding my own business when the cold and snow set in.
27. My help in Hatshepsut’s Pavilion soon amounted to much more than minding the shop occasionally.
28. The first time I went in for a stint of minding her shop it appeared to be deserted until, after a.
29. I would say that he wanted to take revenge on me, too, I replied not minding his hand on mine.
30. Who’s minding the store? Reagan asks Ed Meese as the gurney passes the White House counselor.
31. To be minding your own business, immersed in the mess of your life, and then for it all to go black.
32. The bat might have been minding its own business if it weren't for the paranoid air to Hank's situation.
33. It was quite amusing watching him minding his language, wondering what on earth he was doing there, and.
34. For six months of the year I would be happier than any queen I ever heard of, minding the fat white things.
35. She jumped to her feet and then straight over the campfire, never minding the hem of her shin-length skirt.
36. And he went on as he made his way down the corridor, not noticing or not minding that I wasn’t following him.
37. One might discover that the fault more often lies with the destitute rather than those of us minding our own business.
38. This would ensure that you can go on with the interview, and be able to answer questions, without minding your throat.
39. She pointed out Gleesons a large farm where she had worked as a young girl doing household chores and minding the children.
40. What's the good of minding them? My sweetheart used to sleep with her mother and her sister-in-law, but I managed to get in.
1. Not that she really minded.
2. And how absent minded he is.
3. I wouldn’t have minded a.
4. I can't say I minded, though.
5. Not that Christian minded that.
6. First, we should be open minded.
7. Vacations for the Budget Minded.
8. Not one that I minded, mind you.
9. Not that she particularly minded.
10. She no longer minded the old lady.
12. Not that I minded it all that much.
13. Yes, I am minded to keep her there.
14. Most days, he wouldn’t have minded.
15. I told him he is fine, absent minded.
16. He was just another weak minded fool.
17. I wish she'd minded her own business.
18. He wouldn’t have minded that himself.
19. The Lion minded & Donkey minded in the.
20. A saying among the politically minded.
21. I wouldn't have minded being a pharaoh.
22. Not that some of the girls would have minded.
23. Her father was closed minded on the subject.
24. It was a town that I wouldn’t have minded.
25. Brains of your allies are super minded to you.
26. But no Entwhistle ever minded things like that.
27. Why hadn’t he just minded his own business?
28. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.
29. The cold hearted, half devoted, earthly minded.
30. She would not have minded if there had been pain.
31. Mathematically minded individuals with a penchant.
32. He asked Thomas if he minded if he took a shot at.
33. Are you cold hearted, half devoted, earthly minded?
34. The most criminally minded of reptilian bird species.
35. Even that I would not have minded because it is true.
36. Not that Julie would have minded if she’d been here.
37. One side of his mind wondered why he minded doing this.
38. He is intolerant, narrow minded and has deep prejudices.
39. And he wouldn’t have minded paying for the expenses.
40. But he didn’t sit down and no one minded the steel rod.
1. Of our F flat minds.
2. A meeting of the minds.
3. The union of the minds.
4. He thinks I read minds.
5. So our minds have a lot.
6. In the back of all minds.
7. Could he also read minds?
9. Their minds pressed on mine.
10. The result of simple minds.
11. I wanted to win the minds.
12. I had raised in their minds.
13. Time played on their minds.
14. He minds about nothing else.
15. The last thing on our minds.
16. Let me gather your minds.
17. It exists in our minds and.
18. The brilliant minds of the.
19. That was, if rats had minds.
20. A no-win battle of the minds.
21. They have such limited minds.
22. I was of two minds over this.
23. Poisoning the minds of others.
24. She seemed to be of two minds.
25. Our human minds may deny his.
26. I search the hearts and minds!.
27. No never minds about the wicker.
28. We must forgive our minds first.
30. Holiness is far from their minds.
31. Who searches the hearts and minds.
32. As I renew the minds of My elect!.
33. She minds what she is doing, sir.
34. Our minds and hearts to bless—.
35. But they made up their minds to.
36. He knows the spirit of our minds.
37. Their minds work more with body.
38. For I search the hearts and minds.
39. It will always be on their minds.
40. Embedded in the film of our minds.

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In my own mind I.
His mind is a blank.
I had lost my mind.
The mind is a tool.
Life of the mind, n.
His mind was a blur.
She paid it no mind.
Mary came to my mind.
You have a small mind.
I'll bear it in mind.
Are bars of the mind.
He makes up his mind.
His mind was still a.
She used her mind to.
It is your mind that.
Keep in mind that it.
Is wearing on the mind.
We never paid any mind.
I had a lot on my mind.
He is out of his mind!.
His mind was on Yukino.
She saw inside his mind.
My mind raced to Lobo.
My mind began to clear.
She let her mind drift.
I didn’t mind at all.
He cast his mind around.
I have changed my mind.
It’s all in your mind.
My mind will make it so.
I hope you don’t mind.
But I change my mind.
The mind is also complex.
Deep inside in the mind.
I don’t mind at all.
The Best Mind Power Offer.
Bah, my mind was sterile.
Little boxes of the mind.
I trust you don’t mind.
What? My mind went blank.

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