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Money-management in a sentence

1. For example, in the past, I invested in money-management firm W.
2. The fundamentals of a money-management firm include acquiring and retaining accounts.
3. If they are money-management firms that invest in a style similar to your own, that’s a good sign.
4. Some optimize indicators by curve-fitting the data, while others utilize money-management techniques.
5. With these accounts, an intermediary determines whether to continue to invest in a money-management firm.
6. On still another subject, many large money-management groups probably deal with entirely too many research firms.
7. Years ago, institutions had relatively few fund managers to choose from, but today there are many outstanding professional money-management teams using a variety of systems.

8. Some large money-management organizations with average records tend to fire the head of the investment department and then look for a replacement who invests pretty much the same way.

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