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Near in a sentence

It was near.
Near a city.
And are near.
Near the top.
Near the Sun.
He lives near.
Near and dear.

Is always near.
To near the top.
We see it near.
is near you now.
the end is near.
as it drew near.
It was near noon.
the time is near.
So near the end.
We looked near.
near the red zone.
that God was near.
Our end is near.
in a near whisper.
Near the end of.
He was near the.
so near the other.
For in the near.
desk near the door.
He is always near.
The near one lay.
Spring is near.
He was so near now.
It was nearing dusk.
The hour is nearing.
It was nearing the.
We are nearing Galatz.
were nearing their prey.
It was nearing midnight.
We had to be nearing a.
Nearing, Helen and Scott.
We were nearing the airport.
of their nearing presence,.
Soothsaying Her Nearing Him.
They were nearing the tunnel.
was nearing the end of August.
Every time he was nearing BSR.
The candle was nearing its end.
The sun was nearing the horizon.
It was nearing my birthday again.
His plan was nearing completion.
It was nearing the witching hour.
The nearing entrance to a wide.
partner that he is nearing orgasm.
The trolls were nearing the crowd.
It’s nearing the end for me now.
We are nearing the end of this age.
search crew nearing his farm house.
We’re nearing the end of the show.
It was nearing 8pm and I was starved.
We are nearing our destination now.
Nearing the table, he offered his hand.
The sun neared.
As they neared.
The sound neared.
As he neared the.
As she neared the.
As she neared she.
As Torm neared his.
They neared the fence.
As he neared Dazza,.
As you neared the car.
as we neared our prey.
Richter neared the door.
as we neared the driveway.
Footsteps neared the door.
As we neared the end of.
They neared Howesby again.
the two boys neared Solmund.
As he neared the house, a.
As the hand of time neared.
As we neared the office he.
As the markets neared 4:15 p.
neared the place where she was.
As she neared Knoxville, her.
My pace quickened as I neared.
she neared the canvas entrance.
as my family neared the bed, I.
opened for her as she neared it.
walls they neared the tree line.
Sparky stood up as I neared them.
My smile widened as I neared him.
Anthony nears me.
All that it nears it consumes.
three or four months it nears its end.
As death nears in old age the template.
Finally she nears completing the problem and….
gets larger and swifter as it nears the M-66 bridge.
Avoid planting onions nears asparagus, beans and peas.
Obviously, erosion speeds up as time to expiration nears.
nears completion for tomorrow I am to marry the Princess.
Cass tries to control his emotions as he slowly nears her.
Our eyes on the Red Mage assure us that he nears his objective.
breast, until it nears the base of my throat to convey the feeling.
initially as dark blobs as the intensive phase of the death process nears, how-.
In other words, the risk of change in price ratio increases as expiration nears.
and as the bride of Christ nears maturity, there will also be cause for rejoicing.
As persecution nears, dear saint, if we are walking in the power of the Holy.
It takes over a month, but finally the little guy nears the planet quite uneventfully.
You can see that the net erosion collected increases as expiration of the May option nears.
As the deadline specified in the RFP nears, proposals from vendors will begin filtering in.
Unks yell to him as he nears the showers, And, you can’t keep a pretty woman waiting!.
It also means that the erosion for a vertical spread can really accelerate as expiration nears.
When it nears anything like the valuation metric to DMGT I’d sell, but it’s still miles from that.
Up ahead the Lexus starts to pick up speed as it nears the top of the hill and the open country lanes.
And then as it nears the bizarre planet, a short while before preparing to land, communication is ended.
Stock Trader: So Delta increases as an option nears expiration, while time value decreases at the same time?.
That erosion will accelerate as expiration nears, but for the July options, expiration is still 45 days away.
"Then we should be going, the hour nears, you must be prepared," Althart said while standing and opening the door.
As we’ve seen before, the payoff at expiration is linear and the payoffs become more linear as expiration nears.
The pillar grows wider as it nears the lofty ceiling, close inspection can show that it blends into the globe above.
46 upper breakeven that the butterfly has at expiration and that the speed of that movement increases as expiration nears.
If it is not right to hold short options through expiration, it is right to exit all high risk positions as expiration nears.

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approach near close nigh approximate dear good skinny about almost most nearly virtually

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