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Occasionally in a sentence

1. He occasionally had a pang.
2. Just as I occasionally did.
3. Occasionally, I get them now.
4. We heard of John occasionally.
5. Occasionally it will be high.
6. Occasionally it is of service.
7. He occasionally has a job, but.

8. You occasionally test and tweak.
9. Occasionally I kept her company.
10. Occasionally he emitted a long-.
11. Cliff had occasionally held his.
12. Banana looked at him occasionally.
13. Occasionally, she thought with a.
14. She raised her head occasionally.
15. Stryver is here too, occasionally.
16. Occasionally, I'll have my spurts.
17. Anybody can get lucky occasionally.
18. Occasionally glancing at his watch.
19. Cameron joined in occasionally but.
20. Cook 4 minutes stirring occasionally.
21. Occasionally she sleeps in a doorway.
22. Occasionally I saw islands of which.
23. Occasionally, he’d find some nice.
24. Allow to cool stirring occasionally.
25. Occasionally someone would stumble by.
26. Satan must have occasionally crouched.
27. Occasionally he nodded but never once.
28. Kiera looked back occasionally at Chance.
29. They would occasionally catch sight of.
30. Occasionally, there are two of them, a.
31. Occasionally, someone ventured by, but.
32. A man needs to feel wanted occasionally.
33. One of them occasionally jerked sideways.
34. Employees may occasionally have a family.
35. Even his teacher was absent occasionally.
36. Occasionally mothers would step to Neil.
37. Occasionally Peter reached for the joint.
38. We still received postcards occasionally.
39. Occasionally he had attended the late Mrs.
40. As scavengers, you may occasionally have.
41. Stir occasionally until melted and smooth.
42. In return Peter occasionally gave one of.
43. Usually he flew, but occasionally he drove.
44. Through this shower of ice, occasionally.
45. Although they also occasionally yelled a.
46. Occasionally the clanking of coins in the.
47. Occasionally I climbed and shook the trees.
48. Just occasionally it is a qualified report.
49. And Mother was only conscious occasionally.
50. I store collectible cars here occasionally.
51. Reduce heat to simmer and stir occasionally.
52. Occasionally cavalry is used in the charge.
53. He listened intently, nodding occasionally.
54. And yet I occasionally use the word porkers.
55. Gilbert came occasionally on Friday evenings.
56. The Bodhisattva also occupied occasionally.
57. Occasionally he would place C4 on the walls.
58. She winces occasionally, rubs at her bruises.
59. Occasionally, for training purposes, there.
60. He and Samantha exchanged looks occasionally.
61. Occasionally, a chime seemed to come from it.
62. Stir occasionally and remove after 5 minutes.
63. Grill and baste occasionally with remaining.
64. As she squirmed around and occasionally let.
65. Occasionally, the above rules are not followed.
66. Q: Yes, occasionally and for a very short time.
67. Why is it you occasionally see billboards that.
68. Although Lucy would occasionally hang out with.
69. Occasionally she would watch me practice, and.
70. I even cooked occasionally to give her a break.
71. Occasionally collapses are signalled well ahead.
72. Occasionally, he would see a small rodent dash.
73. But I have occasionally done the same thing at.
74. I occasionally buy a box of 100 count tea bags.
75. Occasionally a tear would course down her cheeks.
76. Occasionally you may hear in your left ear also.
77. I think He occasionally puts us into positions.
78. Occasionally, the employee may be visited by a.
79. Occasionally, a bird passed, always out of reach.
80. Arlan's mom was occasionally mom-like, as in she.
81. We occasionally make one in our engineering shop.
82. Yet he did say he would report in occasionally.
83. I believe she even goes to services occasionally.
84. The result in most cases is one or occasionally.
85. Occasionally it suggests contrary opinion trades.
86. Vinny occasionally believed that there was a man.
87. I thought you knew that dad occasionally hit mom.
88. The medic came in occasionally to check on Celina.
89. He glanced at her occasionally with a slight smile.
90. Occasionally they’d hear bullets hitting Ice One.
91. Occasionally when doing the Reiki and positioning.
92. Only my mother and sister I might see occasionally.
93. Graf occasionally because I drive there frequently.
94. He moved slowly and stopped occasionally to listen.
95. She did this occasionally, deeming it a great treat.
96. While Jan would occasionally catch a mouse here or.
97. Only occasionally did he demand that she go with him.
98. Occasionally the train would stop for a few minutes.
99. It may go blank occasionally, but it does it for a.
100. They, occasionally, have their phone ringers in the.

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