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Occasionally in a sentence

1. He occasionally had a pang.
2. Just as I occasionally did.
3. Occasionally, I get them now.
4. We heard of John occasionally.
5. Occasionally it is of service.
6. Occasionally it will be high.
7. Occasionally I kept her company.

8. He occasionally has a job, but.
9. You occasionally test and tweak.
10. Occasionally he emitted a long-.
11. Cliff had occasionally held his.
12. Banana looked at him occasionally.
13. Occasionally, she thought with a.
14. She raised her head occasionally.
15. Stryver is here too, occasionally.
16. Occasionally, I'll have my spurts.
17. Occasionally glancing at his watch.
18. Anybody can get lucky occasionally.
19. Cameron joined in occasionally but.
20. Cook 4 minutes stirring occasionally.
21. Occasionally, he’d find some nice.
22. Occasionally she sleeps in a doorway.
23. Occasionally I saw islands of which.
24. Allow to cool stirring occasionally.
25. Occasionally someone would stumble by.
26. Occasionally he nodded but never once.
27. Satan must have occasionally crouched.
28. They would occasionally catch sight of.
29. Kiera looked back occasionally at Chance.
30. Occasionally, there are two of them, a.
31. Occasionally, someone ventured by, but.
32. Even his teacher was absent occasionally.
33. Occasionally mothers would step to Neil.
34. One of them occasionally jerked sideways.
35. Employees may occasionally have a family.
36. A man needs to feel wanted occasionally.
37. Occasionally Peter reached for the joint.
38. We still received postcards occasionally.
39. Stir occasionally until melted and smooth.
40. Occasionally he had attended the late Mrs.

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