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One's in a sentence

1. It is no one's fault.
2. No one's going to die.
3. This one's on me, Cam.
4. This one's kind of small.
5. Two guys dead, one's in.
6. The world is all one's own.
7. Right! This one's OK, too.

8. It kept one's mind muffled.
9. Whose fault was it? No one's.
10. To heal one's inner schism?
11. No, thanks, this one's mine.
12. That is deserting one's family.
13. T'other one's was one syllable.
14. Good to have one's wits at hand.
15. One breaks one's neck in living.
16. One's connections are their roots.
17. No one's ever 'eard me Lord Mayor.
18. It can only happen once in one's.
19. When one's world gets poorer, it.
20. This one's harder to get out of.
21. What must it doto one's identity.
22. It had wearied out one's attention.
23. No one's ever made breakfast for me.
24. One's mistress does wrong to laugh.
25. And that one's for me, you bastard.
26. And against one's whole bringing-up.
27. To try to ingratiate one's self with.
28. One cannot wait and lose one's time.
29. The very word sticks in one's throat.
30. Pride is the mask of one's own fault.
31. It is to no one's advantage (even to.
32. It makes one's head dizzier than ever.
33. To carry one's happiness about with one.
34. It is a nuisance under one's very nose.
35. One's little ones coming and going--.
36. No one's answering at the organization.
37. It was dreadful to lie to one's father.
38. We all know what you did, and no one's.
39. Life is much more than just one's own.
40. The kiss of one's soul mate to ward off.
41. One's a gray tabby, the other's a Bengal.
42. About one's knees, I mean, and the house.
43. No one's answering the phone at the loft.
44. And besides, one always loves one's wife.
45. This one's all about the Chinese year sign.
46. It's like being vindicated in one's faith.
47. Handing in one's resignation is honorable.
48. One ought to use some of one's timber in.
49. Why is that? No one's in the car but us.
50. No one's soul will be immortal in Heaven.
51. This one's a middling hard lot for a duke.
52. The reaction of gratitude upon one's own.
53. To have the gag remov'd from one's mouth!.
54. Of course not, no one's suggesting that.
55. It makes one detest all one's acquaintance.
56. When one's mouth is open, the jaw will drop.
57. One loved one's Robert, and one kept quiet.
58. One's not enough to create respect for you.
59. Both one's mind and the contained memories.
60. One loves the first strength of one's youth.
61. Find another pew, Private, this one's taken.
62. It was hard to keep one's eyes down in here.
63. Steroids only artificially strengthen one's.
64. A book about how to hone one's Huldu powers.
65. THIS ONE'S STILL ALIVE, shouted a medic.
66. Eh! One only wears out one's tongue with you.
67. To focus myopically on one's job is to lose.
68. What is the use of boring one's self with so.
69. Nah, no one's going to care, he insisted.
70. And all the while every one's laughing at you.
71. War is never morally justified in one's self-.
72. To fear one's food is to feel betrayed by life.
73. To harbor it in one's mind is to entertain an.
74. Chevalier sighed, That one's more complicated.
75. Gruesome kicked his knee into the old one's gut.
76. No one's soul will be immortal in Heaven or Hell.
77. The way cups would fall apart in one's hand----.
78. It is easy enough to be friendly to one's friends.
79. Outer wonder is an expansion of one's outer senses.
80. When yielded to, it becomes one's complete undoing.
81. Not an idea in one's brain, as empty as a drum!.
82. It is to prepare oneself and one's community for.
83. He looked into each one's face and shook his head.
84. Achievement is one's greatest satisfaction in life.
85. Even one's impressions are hardly formed correctly.
86. The best remedy for that is to think of one's soul.
87. He turns to his family and says, No one's there.
88. No one's asked why, and no one dares question that.
89. I aim at the first one's head and pull the trigger.
90. Being aware of what is likely to transpire in one's.
91. I trust Him Such should be one's trust towards God.
92. It is simply not productive to deny one's own power.
93. Andersen could see the hair of the short one's head.
94. He thought it would be a relief to break one's neck.
95. It is not very consoling to have one's own likeness.
96. I believe time can sway one's opinion, he said.
97. She opened the stall and turned, This one's yours.
98. This is where one's responsibilities were compounded.
99. Had he even flinched, the offended one's companions.
100. This one's a mortal one, though, Chevalier said.

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