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One's in a sentence

It is no one's fault.
No one's going to die.
This one's on me, Cam.
This one's kind of small.
Two guys dead, one's in.
Right! This one's OK, too.
The world is all one's own.

It kept one's mind muffled.
No, thanks, this one's mine.
Whose fault was it? No one's.
To heal one's inner schism?
T'other one's was one syllable.
That is deserting one's family.
One breaks one's neck in living.
Good to have one's wits at hand.
One's connections are their roots.
No one's ever 'eard me Lord Mayor.
It can only happen once in one's.
What must it doto one's identity.
When one's world gets poorer, it.
This one's harder to get out of.
It had wearied out one's attention.
No one's ever made breakfast for me.
One cannot wait and lose one's time.
And that one's for me, you bastard.
To try to ingratiate one's self with.
And against one's whole bringing-up.
One's mistress does wrong to laugh.
Pride is the mask of one's own fault.
The very word sticks in one's throat.
It makes one's head dizzier than ever.
It is to no one's advantage (even to.
To carry one's happiness about with one.
It is a nuisance under one's very nose.
No one's answering at the organization.
One's little ones coming and going--.
It was dreadful to lie to one's father.
We all know what you did, and no one's.
Life is much more than just one's own.
No one's answering the phone at the loft.

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