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Opponents in a sentence

1. Son was not killing his opponents.
2. The but_ of all his opponents jokes.
3. This will blind opponents, See Blind.
4. The opponents that had been pursuing.
5. Your opponents are now in the building.
6. The Modi offensive rattled his opponents.
7. Winnie’s opponents set fire to her house.

8. It happens by opponents opposing each other.
9. Also it's not very useful against opponents.
10. Both religious adherents and opponents have.
11. The greatest opponents to moves of God have.
12. George's opponents went on the campaign trail.
13. In the open room we had for our opponents Mrs.
14. You cannot win unless you hate your opponents.
15. All the opponents are male regardless of rank.
16. You have to know yours as well as the opponents.
17. Together they felled a dozen of their opponents.
18. The girls are dropping opponents left and right.
19. Hold opponents fingers with right hand and step.
20. Target opponents that are close to their friends.
21. We have examined the main positions of the opponents.
22. His opponents afterwards, needed a trip to the bar!.
23. A wolf’s major strategy was to tire their opponents.
24. Ian required 31 hr 55 min to challenge all 69 opponents.
25. Opponents regularly complained that it was too close to.
26. Some Obama opponents resemble the most fanatic FDR haters.
27. Never let your opponents know when you have the advantage.
28. On the one hand our opponents had manifestly the advantage.
29. Only the most ferocious and bloodthirsty opponents would.
30. This elimination of opponents greases the way for future.
31. The opponents of revisionism, while acknowledging the ten-.
32. Other parties were often banned, and opponents assassinated.
33. Opponents stretched out in pursuit of the Mongols were left.
34. Her armor was splattered with green blood from her opponents.
35. The by-product of this? (Opponents put in the ‘blender!’).
36. They lunged in at their opponents with their spears and swords.
37. Let us venture onward while we have our opponents on the run.
38. That is what his allies had to say, so what about his opponents.
39. He saw no point in extending the fear and agony of his opponents.
40. That is a lie spread by opponents during Gore's run for president.
41. Some other hunter was eliminating the opponents by his long sabre.
42. It was a tactic she used to draw information out of her opponents.
43. Even political opponents of Gāndhiji admired this quality in him.
44. Varus was a cunning and vile man, who liked to study his opponents.
45. The opponents circled each other, bodies poised, weapons twitching.
46. Opponents to the proposed legislation exaggerated its intent using.
47. Malorum noted his opponents, at least those with hair, all wore the.
48. All three of my opponents stood frozen for a moment, their eyes wide.
49. They were far more willing to die for the cause than their opponents.
50. Patrons in return also get facility for arm-twisting their opponents.
51. The policies very simply mean, crush the opponents and rape the planet.
52. While they had the element of surprise, now that their opponents were.
53. I am loath to pursue our opponents there, confessed the Liege Lord.
54. The fighters marched at a steady pace along the trail of their opponents.
55. Dr Williams's opponents on the conservative evangelical wing who resent.
56. This has no effect on Heroes, Vil ains or Monsters, only Normal opponents.
57. It’s direct, to the point and it’s sure to knock your opponents into.
58. Certainly there are opponents to the validity of the near death experience.
59. His opponents and some of the foremost in the country speak highly of him.
60. Although the difference in timing was not great, but when top opponents.
61. Another player scooped it up and lobbed it at his opponents, ten tiles away.
62. On such occasions he was apt to evince a supreme contempt for his opponents.
63. After the vote, he interrupted one of his opponents while she had the floor.
64. Still, none of the two opponents appeared to enjoy a clear edge on the other.
65. We all going to a wonderful place, which will not be shared by our opponents.
66. The vampire and defected goblins wove themselves among their larger opponents.
67. When the opponents to the recall found out what was going on, it was too late.
68. Sebastian’s combat experience with religiously motivated opponents was mixed.
69. Appeal not, say our opponents, to the fear, but to the generosity of our enemy.
70. Our two opponents weren’t great teams, average at best, but they had the same.
71. By the time the proponents and opponents had had their say the fire would raging.
72. It may be, perhaps, that the opponents to the principles of mind over matter are.
73. We had been filled with propaganda about the crushing victories of our opponents.
74. Reagan and both Bushes tried killing opponents overseas during their presidencies.
75. We need to correct for the differences among the opponents faced by the two teams.
76. Steroids are for guys who want to cheat their opponents, said Tom combatively.
77. He overawes his opponents, and their allies are prevented from joining against him.
78. We then considered whether Henderson might have been kidnapped by his opponents.
79. Lately, they’ve joined their opponents to also become champions of big government.
80. Two things I never forget - the faces of my opponents and the birthday of my wife.
81. Whereas, the second choice was in the best interest of his client and his opponents.
82. Opponents made so much fun of this image that Darwin removed it from later editions.
83. In the ring, before he killed his opponents, he would whisper something in their ear.
84. Their more conservative opponents sat on the opposite side – hence ‘right wing’.
85. Threaten a criminal action, and prison, and your opponents quickly throw in the towel.
86. As of this writing, the treaty has already begun, and its opponents failed to stop it.
87. Sword–A tool which gives one the power and ability to smite or cut off ones opponents.
88. He concluded that it would be an easy matter to ride down such lightly armed opponents.
89. Houthi movement, they were avid opponents of the fragile conservative movement in Yemen.
90. But his political opponents say hes shallow, that hes up against a real smart cookie.
91. Some believe these accusations were false, spread by political opponents of his daughter.
92. The gryphons were perturbed by the persistent Gaeans and rallied against their opponents.
93. Opponents that are on alert for this character, or this type of creature, will notice him.
94. There’s always going to be fierce opponents to something so life-transformative as TIAR.
95. His opponents surcoat boar the crest of a blood red dragon and his armor was finely made.
96. If you know everything then you propose at the opponents limit position and refuse to move.
97. And even if they listen they listen only to reject the words and thinking of the opponents.
98. This arrangement was a concession to skeptical opponents of centralized forms of government.
99. Tyke's opponents have not asked any one to vote against his conscience, I believe, said Mr.
100. Rome and opponents like the Swiss and Scottish Templars and related groups, hence the Swiss.

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