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Opponents in a sentence

Son was not killing his opponents.
The but_ of all his opponents jokes.
This will blind opponents, See Blind.
The opponents that had been pursuing.
Your opponents are now in the building.
The Modi offensive rattled his opponents.
Winnie’s opponents set fire to her house.

It happens by opponents opposing each other.
George's opponents went on the campaign trail.
Both religious adherents and opponents have.
Also it's not very useful against opponents.
The greatest opponents to moves of God have.
You cannot win unless you hate your opponents.
All the opponents are male regardless of rank.
In the open room we had for our opponents Mrs.
You have to know yours as well as the opponents.
Together they felled a dozen of their opponents.
The girls are dropping opponents left and right.
Hold opponents fingers with right hand and step.
Target opponents that are close to their friends.
We have examined the main positions of the opponents.
His opponents afterwards, needed a trip to the bar!.
A wolf’s major strategy was to tire their opponents.
Opponents regularly complained that it was too close to.
Ian required 31 hr 55 min to challenge all 69 opponents.
Only the most ferocious and bloodthirsty opponents would.
This elimination of opponents greases the way for future.
On the one hand our opponents had manifestly the advantage.
Never let your opponents know when you have the advantage.
Some Obama opponents resemble the most fanatic FDR haters.
The opponents of revisionism, while acknowledging the ten-.
Other parties were often banned, and opponents assassinated.
Her armor was splattered with green blood from her opponents.
Opponents stretched out in pursuit of the Mongols were left.
The by-product of this? (Opponents put in the ‘blender!’).
They lunged in at their opponents with their spears and swords.
That is what his allies had to say, so what about his opponents.
Let us venture onward while we have our opponents on the run.
He saw no point in extending the fear and agony of his opponents.
Even political opponents of Gāndhiji admired this quality in him.

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